Cloud Deployment & Optimization

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Rapid Domain Consolidation Saved Healthcare Organization Millions

A rapid domain consolidation as a result of a divestiture saved a global healthcare organization millions in penalty fees.

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Machine Monitoring IoT Solution with Azure Services and Power BI

We custom-made an IoT framework with Azure components and Power BI to implement a scalable solution to source, stream and show machine performance in real-time.

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Agile Sprints

Azure Tips & Tricks: Application Insights Snapshot Debugger

Here’s how to use Azure Snapshot Debugger to retrieve variable info without any code changes or by adding lines of logging code that clutter business logic.

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Penetration Testing

Azure Tips & Tricks: Moving Operations in API Management

APIM helps developers save time when creating an API gateway and developer portal. But it lacks some useful time-saving features for moving API operations.

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How to Dynamically Scale an Azure SQL Database

By designing and implementing a dynamic scaling plan for your Azure solution, you can get the resources you need while reducing cost at the same time.

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