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Zoom vs. Teams: 5 Security Benefits of Microsoft Teams

As companies look for ways to keep their employee teams productive during this pandemic, collaboration tools have become the main focus.
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Productivity & Collaboration

How to Effectively Manage Your Team with Microsoft Teams

With the move to remote work and leadership, it's even more important to stay connected and engaged with employees. Here's how to manage your team with Teams.
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Productivity & Collaboration

Working Out in the Open with Microsoft Teams

We're no longer performing a single unrelated task that doesn't tie back to a team, process, or project. So, why not let your team know what you're working on?
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Productivity & Collaboration

11 Ways to Productively Work Remotely with Microsoft Teams

Working from home? Here's how you can use Teams to engage employees, present well, and encourage team culture – all while maintaining everyone's productivity.
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Why Readiness Management Increases End User Adoption

Readiness Managers work with the business to schedule the timing of the end user impact and ensure all of the dimensions of readiness are considered.
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Should I Save Files in OneDrive, Teams (O365 Groups) or SharePoint?

If you're struggling to differentiate between the various file storing/sharing tools in Office 365, we recommend following a Me-We-Everyone approach.
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