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How to (and not to) Manage Group Permissions in SharePoint Online

Of the many ways to manage SharePoint permissions, we analyze and rank three common scenarios utilizing SharePoint, Azure AD Security, and Dynamic Azure AD.
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The Project Manager’s Guide to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams helps Project Managers keep everyone current with centralized chat and content, ensuring easy and transparent communication and collaboration.
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Best Practices for Creating and Managing Teams in Microsoft Teams

Here we cover best practices for creating and managing Teams, including when to create one, what to consider when setting one up, and how to archive content.
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What is a SharePoint Site Index? (And Why You Should Do One)

A SharePoint site index is a list of all the sites in your environment that helps you see the full landscape so you can improve estimating, planning, and more!
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How to Effectively Manage Your Team with Microsoft Teams

With the move to remote work and leadership, it's even more important to stay connected and engaged with employees. Here's how to manage your team with Teams.
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4 Agile Transformation Pain Points with Managing Work

I've seen teams struggle with how to manage work when transitioning to agile. But if your team can address these pain points, you will succeed early and often.
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How to Form an Effective Agile Team: The Experts’ Guide

This actionable guide distills 20+ years of experience to show you how to get your organization behind the Agile team mindset and form an effective Agile team.
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The Guide to Microsoft’s Power Platform and How to Use It

This complete guide digs into the functionality of the Microsoft Power Platform, showing you how to leverage this toolset to solve many business situations.
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Why Readiness Management Increases End User Adoption

Readiness Managers work with the business to schedule the timing of the end user impact and ensure all of the dimensions of readiness are considered.
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How to Use Process Modeling to Model and Analyze BI Requirements

Process modeling is very flexible, can help you better understand current processes, and can help you document desired future states of processes.
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