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Stream down mountains

Getting Started with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a client-side development experience to customize SharePoint’s Modern Experience. Here’s how you can make it your own!

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Project leader pointing to whiteboard

11 Promises Effective Leaders Should Make and Keep

These pledges are critical for every leader, whether they practice agile, waterfall or something in between, that wants motivated and engaged team members.

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Team collaboration

How to Quickly Detect Tabular Referential Integrity Issues

How can you detect referential integrity issues in your tabular model? Here’s how to detect them, the tables they’re in, and which values are the problem.

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team meeting with whiteboard

10 Steps to Successful Requirements Gathering and Elicitation Meeting

Here are 10 recommended steps to help you organize and facilitate a successful requirements gathering and elicitation meeting.

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looking up at buildings

How to Dynamically Scale an Azure SQL Database

By designing and implementing a dynamic scaling plan for your Azure solution, you can get the resources you need while reducing cost at the same time.

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path through field

7 Things to Remember When Setting Up Fuzzy Lookups

In my last post, I explained why I would want to use Fuzzy Lookups for my various matching needs. Now I want to explain the how.

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Cloud Connectivity

3 Steps to Implement AD Security for an On-Premises Data Gateway

The idea to implement AD groups was first realized when trying to dynamically populate O365 group membership, that can be done with PowerShell.

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studying for certification

How to Pass the Professional Scrum Master Level I (PSM I)

Professional Scrum Master Level I is the foundation level scrum master certification available by It is similar to the CSM by Scrum Alliance.

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team working in open office

Office 365: Single Sign-on vs. Same Sign-on

When going to a sign-on solution it is good to weigh your options and pick the choice best suited for your business needs.

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Power BI strategy meeting

Using Release Burndown for Agile Change Management

Use the expanded release burndown chart to illustrate the cumulative impact of change and facilitate a dialog with your stakeholders around change management.

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Writing user stories

Entity Framework 6.0 – Intercepting SQL produced by EF

Entity Framework 6.0 was recently released. One of the new features added is called Interception. You can now add “hooks” into each Context to catch events to log or even change values. Setting up these Interceptors is very simple.

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