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Bob Schommer

Bob Schommer is a Senior Consultant with over 10 years of agile experience who has trained over 300 professionals on agile and DevOps practices. He has coached and advised large and small organizations to optimize their software delivery chain.

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Application Modernization

Developer Playbook for Getting Started with DevOps

DevOps is hugely popular, but to many it's still a hazy concept. Let’s explore what it is, why it matters, and how it can transform your team and organization.
Woman at starting line
Productivity & Collaboration

Manager Playbook for Getting Started with DevOps

Implementing DevOps is a significant organizational change that can impact the work people do, existing business processes, leadership approaches, and culture.
Executive meeting
Productivity & Collaboration

Executive Playbook for Getting Started with DevOps

Done right, DevOps can reduce your cycle and lead times. But it's not a product; it's a journey that will transform how your company delivers value.
Low Code Development
Application Modernization

Scoundrels! Rascals! Facing Challenges of Low-Code Development

IT is often frustrated with rogue low-code application development from business areas. But here's how they can collaborate to adopt low-code app platforms.
Project leader pointing to whiteboard
Productivity & Collaboration

11 Promises Effective Leaders Should Make and Keep

These pledges are critical for every leader, whether they practice agile, waterfall or something in between, that wants motivated and engaged team members.
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