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Data Protection

6 Practical Data Protection Features in SQL Server (Pros & Cons)

Here's how we use the data protection features within SQL Server to protect confidential data and make it available to only those authorized to see it.
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Productivity & Collaboration

Creating a Dynamic CAML Query

In CAML, you’re forced to create some crazy if…else if… else if… scenario for all possible combinations of search parameters. Here's how I resolved it.
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Application Modernization

Entity Framework 6.0 – Intercepting SQL produced by EF

Entity Framework 6.0 was recently released. One of the new features added is called Interception. You can now add “hooks” into each Context to catch events to log or even change values. Setting up these Interceptors is very simple. First, you need to create the Inteceptor class. There are two interfaces that you can use: IDbCommandTreeInterceptor and IDbCommandInterceptor. …

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