Maximize Your Technical Investment with Managed Services

From threat monitoring to third party app management, we can ensure the health, stability, and optimization of your IT solutions

Lasting value from technical investments can only be realized when capacity, consumption, cost, and performance are continuously optimized. To help you keep your technical environment operating at peak performance, Core BTS offers flexible, cost-effective, and customizable managed service solutions.

Operational Support

To ensure your environment stays agile, secure, and cost-predictable, we provide full operational support. We take care of the day-to-day so that you have more time to focus on strategic business initiatives.

This offering will provide you with proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support for identified workloads. We will assume full ownership of your environment and help you maximize your technical investment.

  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Data retention and recovery
  • Endpoint security
  • Governance
  • Modern application support
  • Network operations support
  • Platform management
  • Reporting
  • 24/7 remote support delivered by certified consultants
  • One-hour response times for critical events
  • Two-hour response times for severe events
  • Flexibility to exchange support hours for consulting services

Incident-Based Support

To keep your environment secure and optimized, we act as your second line of defense. When your team runs into an issue or technical challenge they can’t solve, they can escalate it to Core BTS for resolution.

This offering provides you with a seamless and cost-effective way to support your environment. Built with severe issues and escalations in mind, it includes the following:

Different Support Models. Same Benefits.

Agile & Optimized IT Environment

Increased System Health & Stability

Added Cost Predictability & Service Flexibility

Reduced Burden on IT Staff Members

Network Operations Center

Core BTS’s NOC, based out of Madison, Wisconsin, provides you with many services to keep your environment running at peak performance. Our Managed Services clients enjoy a response time within 15 minutes for Priority One and Priority Two issues.

24x7 Event Monitoring

Incident Triage and Escalation

Incident Resolution

Server & Network Maintenance


Quarterly Service Review

Change Management

Service Requests

Help Desk

Core BTS’ help desk is staffed with Wisconsin-based industry certified experts ready to guide you from problem to resolution, all while providing top-notch customer service.

  • 24x7 End User Help Desk
  • Live Service Desk Answering Calls
  • Operational Sync Calls
  • Troubleshooting and Escalation
  • Reporting
  • Service Request Fulfillment
  • Quarterly Service Reviews

Proactive Maintenance

Let Core BTS help you fix vulnerabilities in your software and applications, reducing your security risk and optimizing performance.

Patching Planning

Analyze Events & Incidents

Resolve the Problem Record

Maintenance Activities

Apply Patches, Bug Fixes, and Hotfixes

Executive Scheduled Server Reboots

Post Maintenance Reports

  • Incident Triage & Escalation
  • Incident Resolution
  • Access to Cisco Software Downloads
  • Advanced Hardware Replacement (RMA)
  • Contract Management

Core Care

Core Care offers the ability to deliver a support model to undertake first to third level incident management and support that customers may experience with their Cisco infrastructure. Core Care offers the same benefits as traditional Cisco Smartnet, but with the value-added benefits that Core BTS has implemented into its support platform.

Staff Augmentation

When you need to quickly scale to meet evolving business needs, we can deliver a single IT consultant or a team of highly qualified IT professionals. To ensure the right fit, we assess your talent requirements and deliver the right resource when, where, and how you need it. Every step of our Staff Augmentation Quality Process is designed to ensure that we quickly and effectively match the right IT professionals with your needs.

Benefits to engaging Core for staff augmentation include:

Immediate access to highly skilled and experienced workers

Staffing fits the bigger cultural shift in the way we work

Staffing reduces unemployment

Staffing lets you fill gaps when resources are few