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Case Studies

enterprise data warehouse
Data Analytics

Enterprise Data Warehouse Delivers Single Source of Truth and Streamlines KPIs

By consolidating data into an Enterprise Data Warehouse, KPIs and business terms were standardized to give this wholesale client a single source of truth.
custom mes feature
Application Modernization

Custom MES Cuts Costs, Reduces Risk, and Supports Mobile Workforce

This manufacturer's Oracle MES wasn't extensible or scalable. See how we delivered a new system to support an adaptive work system for resources and automation.
app stability feature
Application Modernization

App Stability Reduces Risk and Cost

The client’s application was in danger of becoming unstable and unusable. See how we saved their app and reduced memory utilization by 50-60%.
enterprise data warehouse
Cloud Deployment & Optimization

Cloud-Based Inventory Management Data Warehouse

Core delivered a cloud-based Azure BI solution that derives insights on ideal stocking levels and part variety while avoiding costly on-prem investments.
nintex sharepoint workflow
Application Modernization

Nintex for SharePoint and O365 Empowers Sales Teams

A large and growing sales team needed a visible and consistent process for performance reviews. See how Core BTS solved it, leading to a 90% adoption rate.
Closeup of globe
Cloud Deployment & Optimization

Global Healthcare Technology Company Moves Windows Servers to Azure

Core BTS helped a global healthcare technology reduce security vulnerabilities by moving legacy Windows Servers to Microsoft Azure.