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Rapid Domain Consolidation Saved Healthcare Organization Millions

Business Situation

A global leader of in vitro diagnostics was undergoing a full divestiture from its parent organization, a large pharmaceutical company. As a result, they needed to move off of the parent domain to their own domain, or they would face significant legal fines and penalties. The time to migrate? Three months. Facing a complex technical environment and short timeline, they needed an IT partner who had large-scale platform migration experience.

Our Solution

Enter Core BTS. Leveraging Microsoft technology and over a decade of industry experience, Core BTS successfully migrated 5,296 users on 4,842 devices in over 20 countries in under three months. As a result, the diagnostics company was able to avoid significant fines and penalties. In addition, they gained a secure, standardized and reliable infrastructure.

The Results

  • 5,296 migrated users
  • 4,842 migrated devices
  • 28 migrated sites
  • 20 migrated countries
  • 66 days spent on migration

Azure Migration Services

If you want to successfully move to Azure, you must be ready to fully transform your organization. At Core BTS, we help you do just that. We help you transform your business and use Microsoft Azure to take on the competition. We help you conquer the cloud.

Technologies Used

Microsoft Azure