nintex sharepoint workflow

Nintex for SharePoint and O365 Empowers Sales Teams

Business Situation

A leader in the healthcare industry of early cancer detection and prevention saw their sales skyrocket. They realized their large and growing sales team needed a more visible and consistent process for providing performance reviews to representatives for each of the areas/regions.

Area managers shadowed sales representatives during “ride-alongs” and used a Word document template to report their performance. Overall compliance was low and tracking was non-existent. There was no way to report which sales areas had completed reviews, making it difficult to improve their sales techniques and identify training needs.

Our Solution

Because the sales team was often traveling, they needed a flexible (offline and mobile) way to provide performance reviews to their sales representatives. The process needed to provide consistency across the team, help the managers easily onboard and train new sales representatives, and offer a way to gauge compliance.

The client looked to Nintex to mobilize and standardize the sales performance review process across all regional directors, area managers and sales representatives. We designed a mobile form using the iPhone Nintex Mobile App, Windows 8 Nintex Mobile App, and a smartphone and tablet responsive form for the browser. The Nintex form capitalized on their previous process by capturing many of the same fields from their Word template.

Utilizing the offline capability of Nintex mobile forms, area managers could start a performance review form during the ride-along, thereby providing relevant and timely feedback for the performance reviews. Subsequent workflows were triggered to generate, upload, and email a PDF of the review data. As a final step, a log file was generated to share vital performance information and visibility on compliance.

The Results

Nintex provided a simple way to tie these disjointed tasks together into a single process. The solution provided the sales leadership team a means to hold each area manager accountable for submitting six performance reviews per year, per sales representative, which equals about 1,500 reviews per year.

Since the rollout of this new process, an average of 117 reports have been submitted monthly, with more than 90% submitted within three days of the coaching (ride-along) date. This timely feedback has given area managers additional coaching opportunities and their sales representatives the ability to quickly course-correct.

By reporting on the performance of the sales team, the client can correct their sales strategies and provide more revenue to continue growth of their product sales.

nintex sharepoint workflow

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Technologies Used

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft SharePoint

Nintex Workflow