Managed Network & Modern Data Center



Time is a precious commodity – and at Core BTS, we can help give you more of it. By partnering with us to manage your organization’s network, your internal team is free to spend more time on high-value activities and build the future of your business.

We Put the ‘Work’ in Network

From monitoring routers, switches, and firewalls to combating cyber threats and providing patch management, the job of overseeing your organization’s IT network never stops.

But there’s a way to stay on top of it all by working smarter, not harder.

Managed Network & Modern Data Center Services from Core BTS takes the everyday duties off your plate, empowering your internal IT team to focus on strategic initiatives. With our experts helping to modernize your data center, monitor your servers 24/7, and make the most of your network, we’ll help you work towards the goals of maximizing your company’s productivity and performance while minimizing your costs and risks.

One Partner. Multiple Service Options.


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Provides access to our standard monitoring tool, featuring initial triage alerts and escalation notifications that are sent directly to you for resolution.


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Provides SLA-based response to alerts, as well as direct-incident escalation and resolution services to help ensure all monitored devices are within target compliance. Ongoing client engagement for reporting, advisory, and client success-level services also is provided, as well as patch management and endpoint management.


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Our highest level of service. Core BTS provides full management of all monitored devices, as well as ongoing operational enhancements to provide proactive services. Additional offerings include endpoint management, vulnerability patching, software development capabilities, change management, and server monitoring and management.

Minimize. Maximize. Optimize.

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Reduce Costs

Optimizing a network requires specialized skills. Enjoy access to our team of experts without the expenses of hiring, training, and retaining additional full-time staff.

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Maximize Productivity

By introducing the latest technology and tools and assuming the lion’s share of everyday network management, we’ll help boost your IT team’s daily productivity.


Enable Scalability

The quicker you adapt, the faster you win. Select the level of management that best suits your current needs and then adjust to meet changing business dynamics.


Strengthen Security

Against today’s cyber threats, keeping your system updated with the latest patches isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. We’ll help ensure that your network is up to speed.


Improve Compliance

Today’s industry standards and regulations might change tomorrow. Our team of experts will help you stay a step ahead when working to achieve compliance.


Reduce Downtime

With proactive monitoring and issue resolution, we aim to minimize downtime and ensure continuous operation of your network’s critical systems.

Technology. Support. Security.

In addition to delivering Managed Network & Modern Data Center services, our team stands ready to help handle your organization’s daily technology and security needs.

Azure Managed Services

As a certified Azure Expert MSP, we manage your Azure environment so you’re free to focus on growing your core business.

Microsoft 365 Tenant Management

We have the experience with planning, deploying, and managing cloud computing that you need to hit the ground running – and keep on rising.

Managed Applications & Data

As your organization’s infrastructure expands, we’ll help manage the growth in data, active applications, and cyber risks that come with it.

End User Support

We’ll help your organization make the most of its technology and our experts will tackle any issues to improve productivity and reduce friction.

Managed Security

Free your time, and success will follow. Core BTS handles the details of daily security operations for some of the world’s most transformative companies, allowing them to focus on the bigger business picture.


At Core BTS, our mission is to make success easier for you. We’re dedicated to managing your everyday network so you can commit to building for tomorrow.

Optimize Your Future Today

Our team is geared to fulfill your company's essential requirements. From optimizing operations to aiding specific needs, count on us for support.