Business Process Transformation

Business Process Transformation

Focus on What Matters Most

We're redefining workflow operations through our approach to Business Process Transformation. We employ low-code/no-code tools such as Power Platform, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams to streamline operations, minimize manual tasks, and enhance communication, meeting the demands of a dynamic work environment.

Revolutionizing Business Processes for the Modern Era

Low code, no code — no problem. Our approach to Business Process Transformation quickly adapts workflows and reduces IT dependencies. Use the Power Platform for task automation and SharePoint to improve data management, access, security, and compliance.

With Core BTS' suite of tools, you can boost decision-making and drive innovation, ensuring your operations are agile and future-ready.

Transform your business processes with our cutting-edge solutions, redefining efficiency and setting the stage for ongoing success.

Innovative. Efficient. Productive.


Low-Code, No-Code Solutions for Workflow Automation

Any member of your team can easily create and modify workflows, accelerating tasks and reducing reliance on IT support.


Power Platform Development

Automate routine tasks, streamline data processes, and tailor solutions to efficiently meet specific operational challenges and boost productivity.


Utilization of SharePoint for
Data Management

Centralize data management with SharePoint to enhance access, security, and collaboration across your organization, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


Microsoft Teams for
Operational Communication

Use Microsoft Teams for seamless messaging, video calls, and project coordination; it integrates with Microsoft 365 tools to streamline workflows and boost efficiency.


Improved Decision-Making
and Innovation

Streamline decision-making with automated workflows and centralized data management, reducing manual work and enhancing data access to foster innovation and drive business growth.


Transformative. Secure. Integrated.

In addition to Business Process Transformation, our suite of tools and applications is designed to revolutionize workflow while enhancing your organization's collaboration and productivity.


Identity and Access Management

Secure your digital environment using a Zero Trust approach with identity verification and multi-factor authentication.


Endpoint Management

Modernize IT and enhance security with cloud-based endpoint management, ensuring out-of-the-box device readiness and boosting compliance.


Increased Collaboration and Productivity

Optimize document management to boost real-time collaboration and streamline communication.


Enhanced Messaging

Enhance communication by migrating email to the cloud, ensuring reliable access and cohesive branding during transitions like mergers or acquisitions.

Navigate the New Norm
with a Touch of Next-Gen

Step into the future with our approach to Business Process Transformation, revolutionizing workflows with tools like the Power Platform, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. Boost productivity, streamline operations, and keep your organization agile and ahead of the curve.

Let's Get Modernizing.

Our team is on standby to assist you in forging a brighter future for your educational institutions and districts, offering further details, or addressing any queries you might have.