Thinking of Moving to Office 365 in 2022? Prices Increase March 1

January 26, 2022

Microsoft is raising prices of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 suites on March 1, 2022. They haven’t had any material pricing increase in a decade, so these are not minor increases: anywhere from 9% to 25%. But, if you act quickly, there are ways to minimize the impact on your business.

Here’s how: You need to use the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to purchase new annual-term subscriptions in February. Annual-term subscriptions lock the price for a year. Therefore, if you sign up in February 2022, you won’t be impacted by that big price increase in your agreement renewal.

“What if we don’t plan to move to Office 365 until later this year?”

This solution still applies. Just buy your POC subscriptions (25 licenses) in February to lock in the price for a year. That way, when you go full production later, you’ll be adding those new users at the same locked price!

Note: This is for Core BTS clients who are thinking about going to the cloud in 2022. However, if you’re already on Office 365 and you’re a Core BTS CSP client, we will be contacting you soon (if we haven’t already). You will receive a prepared analysis showing you how to take advantage of this opportunity, exactly what you’ll save in 2022, and the necessary steps to get it done in time.

The big price increase hits on March 1, 2022. There’s still time to save, but you need to act quickly.

Book time with our licensing team to lock in savings now.

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