Retirement Deadline Near for 3PIP Phones (And What to Do)

By: Gareth Gudger and Josh Greaves | June 27, 2023

Microsoft has set a deadline to retire 3PIP (Third-Party IP) phones by July 31st, 2023. After this date, 3PIP phones will no longer be able to connect to Microsoft Teams.

While migrating to certified Teams phones is the primary recommended solution, organizations can utilize Microsoft’s Teams SIP Gateway as an alternative approach to continue supporting legacy 3PIP phones.

This article will explore the SIP gateway option as a potential solution for the upcoming deadline.

The Deadline and Its Implications

After Microsoft’s deadline of July 31st, 2023:

  • All 3PIP phones connecting directly to Microsoft Teams will stop working
  • All compatible 3PIP phones, leveraging Teams SIP gateway, will continue to work (no impact)
  • All incompatible 3PIP phones, regardless of whether they use a SIP gateway, will stop working

While replacing 3PIP phones to certified Teams phones is the preferred path forward, it may not be feasible for all organizations due to budget, investment, or time constraints. For organizations with a significant investment in 3PIP devices, leveraging Teams SIP gateway may provide a more viable and cost-effective solution.

SIP Gateway as an Alternative Solution

By using Teams SIP gateway, organizations can continue to connect their legacy 3PIP phones to Teams – thus extending the lifespan of these devices beyond the deadline.

Implementing a SIP gateway solution offers several advantages:

Maximizing ROI

This solution allows organizations to avoid costly hardware replacement and minimize disruptions to end users.

Gradual Migration

Utilizing Teams SIP gateway allows organizations to migrate to Teams-certified devices at their own pace. This approach enables a phased transition, allowing users to adapt to Microsoft Teams while utilizing their existing telephony devices.

Considerations and Recommendations

While Teams SIP gateway can provide an alternative path for organizations with substantial investments in existing telephony infrastructure, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

  • Feature Limitations: Devices registered to the SIP gateway will not support all the advanced features and capabilities provided by Teams-certified devices. Organizations should carefully assess their requirements and evaluate the limitations of using 3PIP devices with Teams SIP gateway.
  • Long-Term Strategy: While Teams SIP gateway can extend the life of 3PIP phones, organizations should still consider the long-term benefits of migrating to Teams-certified devices. Microsoft’s focus and future enhancements will primarily target Teams-certified devices.
  • Device Support: Not all 3PIP phones are supported by Teams SIP gateway. See this article for a complete list of all compatible 3PIP devices that can leverage SIP gateway for Microsoft Teams.

Next Steps

While the recommended approach for organizations using 3PIP phones is to migrate to Teams-certified devices, Teams SIP gateway can be considered an alternative for organizations heavily invested in existing telephony infrastructure. By leveraging Teams SIP gateway, organizations can extend the lifespan of their 3PIP phones.

As a digital transformation consultancy, we support organizations in smoothly navigating this transition. Contact our team today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how we can assist you in achieving a seamless transition to the latest Teams-certified devices or SIP gateway.

Gareth is a Microsoft MVP and co-author of "Office 365 for IT Pros". He has nearly 20 years of IT experience and specializes in Microsoft Exchange Servers, Exchange Online, Office 365, and more.
Josh is a senior solution architect with 20+ years of experience. He specializes in helping organizations achieve business goals through implementing technologies including Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware.

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