Increased Collaboration & Productivity

Increased Collaboration & Productivity

Keep Employees
Tuned In and Turned Up

Don't let inefficient communication stand in your team’s way. Our Increased Collaboration & Productivity solution boosts communication with essential tools for today’s dynamic environments. It streamlines interaction across any distance, improving document management, and ensures productivity for remote and hybrid setups.

Remote Work That Feels Anything But

You've got enough on your plate — let Core BTS streamline it. Our Increased Collaboration & Productivity solution is designed to boost your team’s efficiency and adaptability across diverse settings.

With tools for video chat, instant messaging, and virtual meetings, we make sure your team stays connected and productive, no matter where they are.

We're not just enhancing document management; we're transforming how your team collaborates. By making remote and hybrid workflows seamless, our comprehensive suite of tools revolutionizes team interaction and productivity.

Streamlined. Integrated. Adaptive.


Migrate and Modernize
Document Management

Shift to cloud-based document management for seamless real-time collaboration that keeps your team in perfect harmony, anywhere.


Comprehensive Communication Solutions

Our suite of tools and applications bundles video chat, instant messaging, and meetings into one seamless platform, perfect for keeping teams connected.


Support for Remote and
Hybrid Work Environments

Enjoy seamless access and connectivity, boosting effective collaboration within your team's dynamic work environment.


Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Enhance communication with our tools designed to fast-track idea sharing, streamline tech obstacles, and increase productivity.


Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability

Reduce costs and clutter with our all-in-one suite of tools and applications that scale and adapt seamlessly as your business grows.


Secure. Efficient. Transformative.

In addition to Increased Collaboration & Productivity, our suite of tools and applications is designed to revolutionize workflow while enhancing your organization's collaboration and productivity.


Identity and Access Management

Secure your digital environment using a Zero Trust approach with identity verification and multi-factor authentication.


Endpoint Management

Modernize IT and enhance security with cloud-based endpoint management, ensuring out-of-the-box device readiness and boosting compliance.


Enhanced Messaging

Enhance communication by migrating email to the cloud, ensuring reliable access and cohesive branding during transitions like mergers or acquisitions.


Business Process Transformation

Empower teams to automate workflows with low-code and no-code solutions, to streamline processes and enhance communication through data management.

Don’t Let Technology Come
Between Your Teams

With the power of our Modern Workplace solutions, you can streamline communication and enhance productivity across any setting. Core BTS is dedicated to transforming your operations with secure, efficient tools that align with your strategic goals, ensuring your team excels in today's dynamic environment.

Let's Get Modernizing.

Our team is on standby to assist you in forging a brighter future for your educational institutions and districts, offering further details, or addressing any queries you might have.