Epic To Azure

Migrating Epic to Microsoft Azure


Migrating your Epic environment to the cloud is a complicated journey and you need a strategic partner that truly knows the way. With Core BTS, you’ve found it.

The Migration of Epic to Microsoft Azure Demands an Experienced Partner

Protecting and making the most of electronic health records is vital to your organization’s operational capabilities and future success. That’s why it’s so critical to choose the right strategic partner when migrating your Epic environment to the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to take advantage of superior reliability, scalability, security, and savings.

For this highly complex migration, you need a partner with proven experience in architecting large-scale projects for mission-critical applications. A partner that understands how Epic touches every piece of your tech stack and that each element needs to be accounted for.

A partner that understands the impact of the cloud on your organization’s culture and innovation. A team experienced in driving the change management necessary to ensure project success.

At Core BTS, we are the experts you need. From planning, design, and implementation to testing, launch, and maintenance, we have successfully executed numerous large transformational projects. When it comes to migrating complex systems to the cloud, we have the experience and expertise to ensure success.

Streamlined. Secure. Smart.

When you partner with Core BTS to migrate Epic to Microsoft Azure, you’ll experience
a wide array of benefits from making the move.


Reduced Costs

With Epic in the cloud, you'll benefit from more flexible expense management and the potential to optimize costs based on your usage needs.

Recurso 2@1.5x-80
Recurso 3@1.5x-80

Optimized Agility

Free your IT staff to focus on high-value projects like healthcare, billing, scheduling, and security, rather than maintaining, upgrading, and securing servers.

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Enhanced Scalability

Access a virtually unlimited pool of storage that can easily scale up and down as needed.

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Recurso 5@1.5x-80

Stronger Security

Virtual security features enable your system to recover from ransomware attacks quickly while keeping hackers out.


Resolved Technical Debt

Embrace the cloud and bid farewell to the accumulated technical debt of legacy systems.

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Recurso 7@1.5x-80

Powerful Innovation

Leverage advanced cloud-native tools and Artificial Intelligence to maximize data and foster a culture of innovation.


Maximize Uptime

Help ensure continuous access to critical Epic applications and data thanks to Azure's proven resilience and support.

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Recurso 8@1.5x-80

Streamline and Scale Operations

Streamline operations with automated cloud services and instantly scale resources to meet fluctuations in demand

Our Migration Methodology

By leveraging our industry expertise and proven methodology, Core BTS makes the migration of Epic to Microsoft Azure as seamless as possible. Here’s how


We host design workshops and develop foundational governance and architectural strategies


We map out Azure scaffolding, foundational resources, operational services, and deployment methodologies


We build the initial Epic environment in Azure and complete the initial data transfer


We test the established Epic environment in Azure and validate the transferred data


We iterate through deployment, data transfer, and testing cycles as needed


A flawless migration of your organization’s Epic environment to the cloud starts with a powerful partnership. At Core BTS, we’re ready to roll.

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