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Baisch Engineering Saves Website Costs with Cloud Migration

Business Situation

Baisch wanted to move their project websites off their on-premises web server because they no longer wanted the hassle of managing the server and applying patches. They were also having issues deploying new project sites to the server. To save development time and costs, Baisch wanted to move their project sites to Azure but needed some guidance on how to get started.

“Transitioning to Azure would have been a much more of a struggle for us without your expertise. Your work has been first rate.”

Baisch Engineering

Our Solution

We helped Baisch get set up in Azure, deployed several existing project sites, and provided documentation and guidance on the deployment process. We also assisted with setting up an Azure File Share for storing project design files – allowing Baisch to be self-sufficient managing this going forward.

The Results

  • Created a cloud hosting environment that enabled Baisch to migrate existing project sites from the on-premises web server – as well as provide a place for hosting additional future project sites.
  • Eliminated server maintenance by hosting the sites as an Azure App Service.
  • Created a file share using an Azure Storage Account that allows project managers to easily manage the design files that are available on the project sites.
  • Created publishing profiles that allow developers to deploy a project site to Azure with one click.
  • Minimized code changes required to move existing project sites to Azure.
  • Provided documentation that enables Baisch’s developers to handle future deployments.
baisch websites
Azure storage account statistics visible through the Azure Portal provides additional insight in an easy-to-digest user interface.
azure cloud monitoring
Azure App Service resource utilization information is available through the Azure Portal to allow the Baisch team to monitor and adjust to traffic demand.

About Baisch Engineering

Baisch Engineering is a full-service integration engineering firm for pulp and paper, and general industrial clients.

Technologies Used

Azure Hosting

Azure Storage