Virtual Mixology and Technology: Core BTS and Cisco Firewall 

Mixology and Technology: Core BTS and Cisco Firewall

Virtual Event

Core BTS, a Cisco Gold partner, invites you to “mix-up” your Thursday routine and join us for virtual mixology experience as we share insights into the current state of your firewall in your firm’s approach to IT security.

Companies face a complicated and diverse threat landscape that goes beyond ransomware and phishing. Many also encountered credential stuffing, supply chain attacks, social engineering, and cryptojacking. Yet according to Cisco’s 2024 Cybersecurity Readiness Index, cyber threat actors frequently exploited older vulnerabilities in common applications - like your Firewall.

Just as a mixologist experiments with different ingredients to create new and exciting cocktails, IT security professionals need to constantly adapt and try new approaches to stay ahead of evolving threats.

As we show you how to craft a pair of refreshing cocktails, we’ll also share ideas on:

  • Why Firewalls are an often overlooked element of your organization’s security
  • Why ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your firewall is absolutely necessary part of your security approach, and why your current approach is probably falling short
  • Warning signs that show your firewall isn’t getting the attention it needs

We’ll also review how Secure Cisco Firewall solutions with Core BTS Managed Security Services can enhance your security posture.

Your security posture may be “on the rocks”. While our presentation may not “shake” you to the core, we hope you’ll be “stirred” into action to take steps to bring your IT security up to speed.

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