August 21, 2020

Four Reasons You Should Consider Windows Virtual Desktop

In today’s unique environment, it’s critical for organizations to allow and enable remote work for their employees. Remote work via virtualization benefits not only the organization but the employees by keeping them productive and healthy, especially in a pandemic.

Years back, traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) was the solution of choice to enable secure and remote employee productivity. Organizations would gain the added benefit of flexibility to maintain and run systems in a single environment, be it physical or virtual, without needing to worry about managing or securing the connecting endpoints. While lower costs and reduced maintenance were attractive sell points, organizations soon realized that there were potential vulnerabilities.  Hackers were leveraging security gaps in their  virtual machines for ransomware and other attacks. These attacks meant organizations needed to invest in additional security solutions that would enable and secure their virtual machines, eliminating cost savings previously promised with VDI.

To address this challenge, Microsoft invested heavily into Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), a solution built on their secure cloud infrastructure Azure. WVD enables users to continue working and remain productive through desktop and application virtualization, while allowing IT to keep environments secure. So, what are the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • Secure and remote productivity on any device

WVD seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 applications, including Microsoft Teams, to help staff be productive with the same desktop experience they’re used to. WVD allows your employees to use any device or operating system to allow them to access the apps or tools they need to stay productive and engaged.

  • Keep users secure and reduce attacks at the surface

WVD works natively with Azure Active Directory and Conditional Access to deploy the policies and controls to users and devices. You’ll also gain the benefits of Azure Firewall, Azure Sentinel and Azure Security Center to maintain your security posture and keep your virtual desktops secure.

  • Efficient and simplified IT management

Your IT staff can focus more time on users, apps and other important tasks while WVD manages the virtual infrastructure. Solve errors quickly with simplified but powerful troubleshooting with advanced diagnostics. By leveraging WVD you can also decrease spending on virtual machines, storage networking by leveraging the same virtual machines while reducing costs on multiple VM licenses.

  • Work with Core BTS to simplify your deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop

Core BTS is a full-service Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider with multiple gold competencies that is focused on driving your success in the cloud. Our expert team of certified consultants can help you with your Windows Virtual Desktop deployment and adoption by quickly publishing and centralizing applications and  desktops to the cloud. If you’re looking for a hybrid model, we can help you deploy natively to WVD using Citrix. Contact us today to get started!

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