Collaborating in Times of Uncertainty

By: Core BTS | March 10, 2020

The U.S. is beginning to experience the impact COVID-19 has already had on many parts of the world, and organizations are now encouraging (and in some cases forcing) their employees to work from home. To keep employees healthy and avoid business disruptions, organizations are tapping into video, voice and chat communication tools like Microsoft’s Teams and Cisco’s Webex – providing employees the ability to work remotely while maintaining productivity.

As more businesses prepare to ask employees to work remotely, here are 3 reasons why they should embrace modern business communication tools:

1. Sustain productivity

As more companies require employees to work from home, slowdown in productivity will be a major concern for all organizations. However, asking employees to work remotely doesn’t have to hamper their day-to-day tasks and activities. Cloud-based collaboration tools give employees the ability to securely access information from anywhere at any time. This increased mobility of work-related documents, projects and information translates into more productive hours while working remotely. In fact, according to survey conducted by Connect Solutions, 77% of workers stated they were more productive when working remotely, and 30% of which complete tasks in less time. Technology that allows file-sharing, video and audio conferencing has made collaboration easier and more productive.

2. Continue collaboration

The requirement to work from home during the current environment, shouldn’t require cancellations of meetings, projects or calls. The benefit of collaboration tools is that you’re able to keep your meetings, whether small or large, so projects continue moving forward. But are you prepared with the right technology that enables employees to continue working and communicating from home?

According to Computer World, 62% of employees claim that the tools they have in place are inadequate, and have asked employers to provide more efficient technology that is easy to use and helps them stay in communication with their colleagues. With improved video and screen-sharing functionality, available in tools like WebEx and Teams, your employees can continue to collaborate and share information regardless of location.

3. Maintain competitiveness

With more companies imposing travel bans for their employees, keeping those in-person meetings with customers, partners and prospects may not happen. As the uncertainty around COVID-19 continues, collaboration & meeting tools should be leveraged as an alternative to previously scheduled in-person meetings. Leveraging a tool that allows employees to invite external users, like partners or customers, to virtual meetings and chats will help your organization to continue to effectively communicate and meet your customer’s needs. Ensuring your team has the means to communicate with customers will surely help your company stay on track to hit your current and future goals.

While the rise of COVID-19 continues, equipping your employees with the tools necessary to collaborate will help keep your business moving forward. To make it easier for businesses to collaborate remotely, Microsoft and Cisco are offering select customers free licenses for both Teams and Webex.

Core BTS has the expertise on collaboration and security to enable your employees to stay connected while they successfully transition to working from home during this COVID-19 crisis. Leverage our Change Management experts to effectively maximize the adoption of these tools with our training services, designed to drive productivity and usability as your employees begin working from home.

Core BTS is a digital transformation consultancy that helps organizations simplify technical complexity, accelerate transformation, and drive business outcomes.

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