COVID-19 Update: We’re Here For You!

By: Core BTS | March 18, 2020

In these unprecedented and challenging time, Core is taking steps to support our employees, customers and partners. As previously noted, we continue to monitor the updates from the WHO and CDC around COVID-19 and the impact its having on the country, we’re doing everything we possibly can to limit the risk of exposure and spread.


During this critical time, our teams are working hard to maintain and continue delivering exceptional service. We realize that your needs will require additional support during this time, and we’re here for you with all hands-on deck in every region and on every team. Your Account Managers, Project Managers and Support Teams are all available, committed, and ready to address any and all business and technical needs.

Core’s Support team is ready to assist at any time:

Call: 1-855-267-3287 x2

Travel & On-Site Meetings

The safety and security of you and our employees remains our highest priority. As of 3/3/2020, we’ve begun to limit all travel and on-site meetings to essential situations only and with executive-level approval. We’re confident that with our expansive suite of productivity tools, scale and ability to work from anywhere, we can address any and all situations you may have. This includes discovery consultations, sales and professional services engagements, technical support concerns, and other key interactions needed from the Core BTS team.

Limiting Office Visits

Core BTS has limited visitors to our offices across the US and all visitors are subject to executive approval. Core has also implemented a remote-first work environment for all Core employees. This will help protect those who cannot work from home by having less people in our offices that can potentially spread illness to those who must report to our offices. We are fortunate to be in a position where our technology facilitates our ability to take these steps, and we believe this is the right thing to do given the situation.

We strongly believe these are wise precautionary measures and our primary goal is to safeguard our employees, our customers and our partners. We have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place and our team is meeting daily to ensure we stay on top of this evolving situation.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

Core BTS is a digital transformation consultancy that helps organizations simplify technical complexity, accelerate transformation, and drive business outcomes.

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