Launch Complex Cloud Projects with a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

Providing the best service and digital innovation means meeting you wherever you are at in your cloud journey. Whether you are creating a hybrid cloud strategy or modernizing applications, Core BTS can help you. And now, you can have added confidence that our people, processes, and technology are best-in-class:
Core BTS is officially a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP)

What is an Azure Expert MSP?

The Azure Expert Managed Service Provider program was established by Microsoft to connect clients to highly capable partners for their most complex cloud projects. It is an elite program reserved for the top Microsoft Azure partners in the world.

Azure Expert MSPs have invested in the people, process, and technology needed to harness deep Azure knowledge and service capabilities. They have also demonstrated their ability to deliver consistent, repeatable managed services on Azure.

They are highly technical organizations with skillsets across DevOps/SysOps, cloud planning and architecture, professional consulting. According to Microsoft, “an Azure Expert MSP pivots on business outcomes of their customer’s solutions and applications, and not on workloads or offers.”

“These expert partners have proven real world proficiency and skills, for datacenter lift-and-shift, born-in-cloud new applications, and everything in-between.”

Corey Sanders
Microsoft Corporate Vice President

What Value Does This Bring to You?

Earning membership in this program means that Core BTS is committed to your success and can help you accelerate digital transformation in line with your business goals.

As you look to create competitive advantage using Microsoft Azure, we can empower you to do it successfully.

We can help you develop Azure roadmaps, secure hybrid cloud infrastructures, modernize applications, create custom software solutions, and optimize operations. Additionally, through the Azure Expert MSP Program, we can plug you into exclusive Microsoft Azure resources including connecting you directly with Azure Architects.

  • Maximize your cloud investments
  • Cloud optimization and deployment methodologies aligned to Microsoft Azure best practices
  • Access exclusive programs that help offset the cost to move to Azure
  • Prioritized Microsoft Azure support escalation
  • Direct line to Microsoft Azure architects
  • Established Microsoft Partner
  • Continuously Meet Strict Requirements
  • Extensive Knowledge of Microsoft Azure

What Does it Take to Become an Azure Expert MSP?

To be named a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, companies must be an established Microsoft partner, continuously meet a strict set of program requirements, and display extensive knowledge of Microsoft Azure.

Before being welcomed into the program, Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs must complete a rigorous audit by an independent third party and provide multiple references of Azure managed services projects delivered over the last 12 months.

To retain status, Azure Expert MSPs must also complete a progress audit every year. This ensures that as Azure evolves, you can trust that Azure Expert MSPs are evolving with it.