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Databricks® and Core BTS Deliver a Unified Platform for Data, Analytics, and AI

Core BTS helps you build, deploy, or migrate to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

As a Databricks® partner, Core BTS builds, deploys, shares, and maintains your enterprise-grade data platform for data, analytics, and AI at scale.

Core BTS + Databricks = Robust Data Solutions

Core BTS is uniquely positioned to help our customers implement and scale data engineering, collaborative data science, full-lifecycle machine learning and business analytics initiatives.

When you combine the power of Databricks’ lakehouse data platform with Core BTS expertise in leading digital transformation projects, our customers gain full control of their data so they can achieve their business outcomes.

Learn more about how this partnership benefits you.

"Databricks takes a different and unique approach to data transformation that is enabling game-changing solutions at scale.”

Eric Vandenberg | Managing Director - Data Analytics & Data Platform | Core BTS

Why Are Data-Driven Organizations Choosing Databricks?

More organizations are moving to Databricks for its ability to provide a unified platform for data processing, analytics, and machine learning. This integration streamlines workflows and collaboration between data engineers, data scientists, and analysts - leading to increased productivity and more efficient use of resources.

With Databricks, you can seamlessly perform tasks like data cleaning, transformation, exploration, model development, and deployment - all within a single platform. This eliminates the need to manage multiple tools and environments, saving time and reducing complexity for your data projects.

4 Reasons Clients Love Databricks:

  • Best Price and Performance: Lower costs, get world-class performance, and eliminate the need to manage, configure or scale cloud infrastructure with serverless.
  • Built-In Governance: Establish one single copy for all your data using open standards, and one unified governance layer across all data teams using standard SQL.
  • Rich Ecosystem: Use SQL and any tool like Fivetran, dbt, PowerBI, or Tableau along with Databricks to ingest, transform and query all your data in-place.
  • Break Down Silos: Design your cloud-state architecture and governance model and prepare for migrations.

Bion - Core BTS Exclusive Accelerator for Databricks

Bion, Core BTS's proprietary accelerator for Databricks, automates your organization’s lakehouse development. After careful consultation with you to gather your business requirements and define your data model, we use Bion to create the configuration for your solution based on your industry standards and data patterns. The final result is a high-performing lakehouse that can be scaled to meet your organization’s growing needs.

Benefits of the Bion accelerator include:

  • No need to design your solution from scratch
  • Template-driven, allowing advanced customization
  • Shorter learning curve for developers
  • Reduces repetitive coding so your team can focus on the business problem
  • Efficient data model - supporting agile development

Core BTS Helps Customers with Databricks
Here Are a Few Examples:

Health Care

A health system needed greater insight into their patients’ levels of care across all their source systems.

Core BTS created and deployed a Databricks lakehouse to consolidate patient data, enabling a single source of truth.

Retail / Supply Chain

A national retailer needed greater visibility into their supply chain, including real-time analytics.

Core BTS built a Supply Chain Control Tower application and analytical platform leveraging Databricks.

Professional Services

An engineering firm’s ability to scale was limited because their primary application was built on outdated technology.

Core BTS modernized their application and delivered a modern analytics solution built on a Databricks platform.

Speak with Core BTS to Achieve Better Data Results with Databricks

We invite you to speak with Core BTS to streamline data management, analytics, and machine learning. Contact us to discuss your project. We will demonstrate how Core BTS can support your project using the Databricks unified platform, giving you control over your data.