Creatively Collaborate with Cisco Webex

Explore concepts, create designs, and engage in group problem-solving on an infinite canvas

With Webex, you can harness the collective power of teams to get stuff done. Everyone can participate live wherever they are -- at home, in a local coworking space or in a meeting room. Explore concepts, create designs, and engage in group problem-solving on an infinite canvas using your preferred device, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, Webex® Desk Pro, or Webex Board. When the meeting is over, take your ideas with you. Webex safely and securely stores your creations so you can access and creatively collaborate wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

Webex Rooms Bring Ideas to Life

Creative collaboration isn’t confined to the office. Keep your ideas together while your teams are apart with Webex. In-person and remote teams can simultaneously ideate, iterate, and collaborate on content and whiteboards while you work face-to-face with high-quality video conferencing. You and your team can work and brainstorm together effortlessly and keep your ideas flowing without ever running out of space to capture them. And with pinch and zoom you can see every detail. Work together live or iterate independently whenever a new idea strikes.

Easily Capture, Share, and Iterate Ideas

Inspiration can happen anywhere, anytime, and outside of the four walls of the office. When ideas strike, you need the tools and technology to capture it, share it, and iterate on the idea. With Webex you can create or open a whiteboard from a previous session whether that session was hosted on a Webex Desk Pro, Webex Board, or the Webex app. Interact with the whiteboard to share your ideas as they come to you. As you work, your changes are saved automatically, and your whiteboard is added to the list of whiteboards in the space. You can access the Webex app from your mobile device, tablet, or laptop -- anytime, anywhere.

Digital Whiteboarding Enables Teamwork from Anywhere


Gather teams to generate ideas or problem-solve. The digital whiteboard lets teams brainstorm in a freeform fashion on an infinite canvas.

Design Teams

Co-create on design files with remote teams and bring new concepts to life. Use the dedicated stylus and touch-based pinch and zoom for details and precision.

Agile Teams

Agile teams can quickly access their favorite Kanban software through integrated web apps and draw, annotate, or share ideas seamlessly.

Ideation & Co-Creation

Share ideas and collaborate across distances without the fear of losing your work. Your creations are automatically saved in Webex, or email them to anyone.

Education & Distance Learning

Instruct students with the digital whiteboard where your files are saved and can be shared with the entire class. Bring in experts from around the world to share their knowledge with students.


Make remote care personal. Webex Rooms devices provide medical practitioners with the ability to extend an exceptional remote care experience, connect with experts for a second opinion, and allow for easy content sharing and annotation.

Features of the Webex Board and Webex Desk Pro

The Webex Rooms portfolio runs on RoomOS, which delivers the same, seamless collaboration experience across devices and spaces, from the personal office to the meeting room. Its capabilities include:

Pervasive, Digital Whiteboard

Easily whiteboard with the dedicated stylus or your finger; your content is automatically saved to a Webex virtual space. Multiple people can whiteboard at the same time in the room or remotely with Webex.

Digital Stickies

With digital stickies, you can create the perfect project plan and continue to ideate with the ability to easily move, add, and delete stickies. Every inspirational brainstorming session becomes evergreen.

Video Conferencing

Webex Rooms devices are designed to deliver a face-to-face experience that rivals in-person meetings. With high-quality video and audio, your whiteboarding session brings people together around an idea. 

Wireless Sharing

Share content locally in the room or remotely, without any need for cables, dongles, or adapters. 


Share the content or design files and bring the team together to gather ideas, mark up changes, or iterate on your project.

Web Apps

Save time by launching web apps directly from the home screen with the push of a button. Add your most used applications like O365, Trello, or Kanban software with the option to share and annotate on the content during meetings.

Secure and Scalable Collaboration

With Cisco Webex you get end-to-end encryption. This means your data remains encrypted with a key that you own – from the moment any data leaves your machine up until it gets to the recipient’s device. You can put this key into your own data center, and it remains totally secure within your control – managed and accessible by you. All messages, files, whiteboards, and actions are encrypted, whether in transit, at rest, and even in use. Cloud and on-premises registration for devices makes it affordable and easy to deploy in any space. And with Webex Control Hub, you can manage your devices and spaces with analytics to continually optimize your spaces.

Digital Signage

The Webex Desk Pro and Webex Board can also be used to display digital signage to show custom content when the devices are not being actively used. It’s a great way to display adoption tips and provide information that is important to the workforce – including upcoming town hall dates, company calendars, and critical alerts.

Prepare Your Users to Successfully Adopt Webex

Prepare, equip, and support your end users to successfully adopt Webex with our Adoption & Change Management (ACM). Through our customizable and phased ACM program, we can make a technologically disruptive change a non-disruptive business event.