Simplify Complex Infrastructure with Datacenter Modernization

Enable IT Efficiency, Automation, and Agility with Hybrid Datacenters

When you need to break down silos to make work manageable, we can architect and deliver hybrid datacenter solutions that lower total cost of ownership, increase security, and accelerate time to market.

Hybrid Infrastructure Services & Solutions

Success Hinges on a Complete Vision

From infrastructure to applications, the key to a hybrid datacenter is a holistic and complete vision. It’s vital to create a stable datacenter foundation that enables flexibility and scalability while also meeting security needs. We can help you design and manage a hybrid infrastructure that keeps your data protected and available while preparing you for future cloud initiatives.


Hybrid Architecture

We can help you determine the right mix of services and architect a platform that supports your entire infrastructure.



Using a proven cloud adoption framework, we can help you lift and shift workloads, modernize apps, and automate migrations.


Modern Data Storage

We can deliver a modern data storage solution that seamlessly and securely integrates with Azure and Cisco converged platforms.


Management & Optimization

Through ongoing DevOps and Managed Services, we help you realize agility, cost predictability, and security.​

Hybrid Datacenter Benefits

Hybrid datacenters offer the best of both worlds: security and reliability with agility and scalability. Because hybrid architecture allows an organization to extend datacenters into the cloud, organizations can experience significant cost savings and realize cloud benefits on-premises.

Additional benefits of hybrid datacenters include:

  • Speeds time to market
  • Offers additional capacity to support growth
  • Allows the organization to shift some IT costs from CapEx to OpEx
  • Increases resiliency in the event of a disaster or security breach

When is the Right Time to Consider a Hybrid Datacenter?

If you’re considering a hardware refresh, then this is the perfect time to explore modern storage solutions. Data protection is critical. The right data storage solution can keep sensitive information secure.

Industry-Leading Datacenter Capabilities

  • Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Archiving
  • Business Resiliency
  • Converged and Hyper-converged Solutions
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Cost Optimization​
  • Datacenter Modernization
  • Data Protection
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Hybrid Data Protection
  • Infrastructure Refresh
  • Licensing Optimization
  • Managed backup & recovery, disaster recovery
  • Managed Services
  • Server Virtualization
  • Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC)
  • Storage Solutions
  • Subscription Offerings

Elite Partnerships

Our elite Cisco, Microsoft, Pure Storage, and industry partnerships let us deliver the most comprehensive technical solutions on the market. ​Whether it’s activating partner benefits or purchasing licensing, Core is your one-stop-shop.

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