Core BTS Selected as a Microsoft 365 Copilot Partner

Core BTS Selected as a Microsoft 365 Copilot Partner

We are laser-focused on helping our clients accelerate time to value from their Microsoft products and services

INDIANAPOLIS (November 1, 2023) — Core BTS, a full-service digital transformation consulting firm, announces that the company is now a Microsoft 365 Copilot Partner. Core BTS is one of a select group of partners invited to participate.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an artificial intelligence assistant feature for Microsoft 365 applications and services. It is a chatbot that works alongside users’ emails, documents and meetings. It assists users with repetitive tasks like writing documents, summarizing emails, and preparing demonstrations. Copilot provides real-time intelligent assistance, enabling users to enhance their creativity and productivity.

“Core BTS is honored to be selected as a Microsoft 365 Copilot Partner,” said Joe Bellian, Senior Director of Microsoft Programs and Licensing, Core BTS. “This partnership represents a significant milestone in our journey, embodying our commitment to innovation, excellence, and above all, our clients’ success. Together, Core BTS and Microsoft will work hand in hand to unlock new possibilities, drive productivity, and enhance our clients’ competitive edge.”

As a Microsoft 365 Copilot Partner, Core BTS has access to roadmaps and product briefings to support the creation of innovative solutions for our clients. Several new Core BTS solution offerings, including a Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop and Readiness Assessment, are available now. Additional offerings are in development.

Core BTS’ Microsoft 365 Copilot Partner status aligns with the recent launch of our dedicated AI practice, providing services and solutions that help clients integrate AI capabilities into essential business operations. Core BTS AI services focus on five essential areas of innovation: operations, executive decision-making, employee empowerment, exceptional customer experiences, and end-to-end security.

Core BTS is one of the top Microsoft partners in the United States as a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner and an Azure Expert MSP. Learn more about us here.