Minimally Disruptive Change Management

Prepare, equip, and support your end users to successfully adopt new technologies and programs with Adoption & Change Management (ACM)

Even if your new technology rollout is flawless, it won’t matter if your organization is unprepared for the change or unsure how to use the technology. According to a McKinsey study, 70% of organizational transformations fail due to a lack of employee engagement, collaboration, and accountability – and these failures can happen even with a technical success.

Managing change in an organization that impacts your people is every bit as critical as managing the impact to technology, and those people need more than a one-time training program to successfully navigate, adopt, and embrace change.

Impact during transformational change is minimized by preparing your users, leadership, and support teams before, during, and after the change. Through our customizable and phased ACM program, we can make a technologically disruptive change a non-disruptive business event.

  • Users will know what is coming and when, how to prepare, how to work through the change, and where to go for help.
  • Support teams will be ready to handle users’ needs, answer help requests, and react smoothly.
  • Leadership will be aware so they can lead their teams though all angles of the change.
  • The tools to manage impact will continuously improve throughout the transformation so each iteration runs even more smoothly than the last.

3 Benefits of Core’s ACM Program

Improved Productivity & Efficiency

Streamlined & Improved End-User Experience

Maximized ROI

Tactical Solutions Aligned to Your Organization

Our phased approach focuses on engagement, change, and adoption. In each case, we apply a mature framework and approach based on the right combination of best practices and experience-driven success. We apply extreme focus to understanding the business and technical needs to design and deliver three tactical ACM solutions aligned to your unique strategies and culture.  

Change Management

Change Management focuses on ownership and management of the experience of the business, including users, stakeholders, and support teams. User impact is unavoidable in most transformations, and navigating the impact properly can make that a positive experience rather than negative. The success of a transformation is just as dependent on leading people through the impact of change as it is on successfully leveraging the technology solutions. Users will be prepared for the change in experience; support teams will be prepared to help users; and leadership will be prepared to support both.

Engagement Management

Engagement Mangement ensures constant alignment of the business needs and technical delivery through empathy and perspective. It also drives planning and results on time and on budget throughout an engagement.

Adoption Management

Adoption Management dives deep into the needs of the business and focuses on strategic adoption of tools and processes that best meet those needs. A systematic process which includes a series of workshops, assessments, and trainings to assess current and desired states and delivers a strategy to enhance utilization and drive greater ROI.

Quickly Solve Challenges and Maximize ROI

Solve business challenges quickly and maximize your ROI with our customizable, four-phased approach.

Discover & Plan

  • M365 Usage & Productivity Score
  • Teamwork Assessment
  • Meetings Workshop
  • Intelligent Communications Lab
  • Value Envisioning Workshop (VEW)
  • Business Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Roadmap Design
  • Success & Measurement Strategy
  • Adoption Strategy & Plan

Design & Build

  • Communication & Marketing Assets
  • Learning Pathways / Awareness Portal
  • Support Guide
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Tips Sheets
  • Training Plan
  • Custom Videos
  • Champions Program
  • Train the Trainer
  • Adoption Action Plan


  • Pilot & Refine Communications
  • Train Champions
  • Train Trainers
  • Testing Coordination
  • Operational Readiness


  • Execute Adoption Action Plan
  • Execute Training Plan
  • Execute Operational Readiness
  • User Satisfaction Survey
  • Learning Delta Survey
  • M365 Usage Analytics Review
  • Success Metric Review
  • Ongoing Adoption Strategy

Support Across Your Entire Transformation

Whether you’re just starting your transformation journey, looking to drive utilization of existing tools, or seeking innovative ways to reach organizational goals, we help secure success and ROI across your entire transformation journey.

adoption and change management flow

Risks of not managing change in your organization:

  • Timing gains are wiped out by adoption resistance
  • Employees’ habitual inefficiencies aren’t addressed
  • Inadequate employee education on the benefits of new tools and processes
  • Minimal or no change management process
  • IT initiatives lose credibility
  • Squandered ROI

Results of implementing change management:

  • Mitigate risk and resistance to new tools / technology
  • Prepare your workforce for upcoming changes
  • Optimize end user adoption and usage
  • Ensure a project achieves intended outcomes
  • Make IT initiatives more successful
  • Drive faster ROI

CATS Model

CATS is a proven model that ensures consistent program delivery and client success.


Working alongside line of business leaders, we build a robust communication program that sets expectations and increases change readiness.


We reduce resistance to change by driving awareness and understanding within the end user community.


We increase the rate of end user adoption and technical proficiency by developing robust training content (tip sheets, video tutorials, etc.).


Using a custom-built tool, we create dependency clusters” to identify what end users should be migrated and when – aligning communications to technical activities.