Revolutionizing Hybrid Meeting Performance: Enhancing Collaboration in the Post-Pandemic World

Revolutionizing Hybrid Meeting Performance: Enhancing Collaboration in the Post-Pandemic World

Let’s face it.  The user experience for remote participants in your organization’s meetings has never been all that great. During the pandemic, we cobbled together systems that mostly worked only because every participant was remote.

However, with hybrid work environments here to stay coupled with more people returning to the office, the situation is going to get worse. Much worse.

90% of companies have already implemented or plan to implement at least a partial return-to-work policy this year. They’re going to quickly learn that those cobbled-together systems no longer works for remote participants in a hybrid environment.

The worst part? According to research from Cisco, 98% of meetings will have at least one remote participant.

Which means if you want full engagement and collaboration among all your employees in hybrid meetings, you’re going to need something better than what you threw together quickly during your response to COVID.

Learn how to meet this pressing collaboration challenge when you join Core BTS for our upcoming webinar on revolutionizing hybrid meeting performance. We’ll dig deep into the topic of hybrid meeting collaboration topics, including:

  • A look at current trends with respect to remote, hybrid, and in-person work environments with respect to multi-person collaboration in a post-pandemic environment.
  • The stunning impact of lost productivity and poor employee satisfaction caused by poor collaboration and conferencing infrastructure.
  • The art of the possible in terms of conferencing experience, from the desktop and focus rooms to ideation spaces and large boardrooms.
  • How a combination of Microsoft Teams experience combined with Cisco video endpoints provides the best of all possible worlds when it comes to hybrid meeting performance.

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About The Speaker

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Taki Gikakis

Director, Collaboration Solutions

Taki Gikakis is the National Practice Director for Collaboration Solutions at Core BTS.  He leads an effective results-oriented collaboration practice supporting advanced collaboration solutions for our valued clients. He defines the go-to-market strategy and direction for the products, services, and resources associated with Core BTS’ collaboration practice, managing ecosystem partnerships across all collaboration technologies including Cisco, Microsoft, and others.