[Webinar] Generative AI Strategies: Applying a Full Court Press of Generative AI for Businesses

Generative AI Strategies

Applying a Full Court Press of Generative AI for Businesses

Online Webinar

In a game where every move counts, businesses are stepping onto the court of Generative AI, but strategies can be as dynamic as a March Madness playbook.

This webinar takes a playful, yet insightful, approach to the “6 W’s” (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How) of Generative AI in the business arena. We'll "pass" through the fundamentals of Generative AI - from creating digital content to assisting decision-making processes - like a point guard setting up the perfect play. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Who can best leverage this technology in their teams
  • What innovative applications are scoring points in various industries
  • When to pivot strategies in the face of AI advancements
  • Where this technology fits within their corporate game plan
  • Why embracing Generative AI could be the buzzer-beater in today's competitive business world
  • How can businesses effectively implement Generative AI solutions

Don't miss this chance to alley-oop your understanding of Generative AI and score winning strategies for your business!

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