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Keystone Human Services Modernizes Their Remote Workplace for Frontline Workers

Business Situation

For over 50 years, Keystone Human Services (KHS) has been part of a global movement to provide support and expertise to people with disabilities – committed to building communities where people can thrive and fill valued roles.

With over 2,200 employees working on the frontlines in assisted living facilities, and even more corporate employees working from home to support their global mission, KHS sought to enable digital transformation for their remote workforce - ensuring individuals continued to receive uninterrupted, life-changing services.

As a non-profit with limited budget available, KHS was unable to staff the necessary IT resources in-house to facilitate this transformation. After unsuccessfully partnering with several other vendors, KHS began discussions with Core BTS about accelerating the adoption of Microsoft 365 in support of increasing workforce collaboration, efficiency, and connection. Following a series of deep discovery conversations, KHS chose to partner with Core to help them assess and improve their antiquated technologies and manual processes by facilitating the rollout and adoption of Microsoft 365.

"We chose Core BTS for many reasons – not only for their breadth of experience, but also for their depth of experience. It was clear they shined above the other vendors we were considering.”

Craig Girsch | Chief Technology Officer | Keystone Human Services

Our Solution

Device Management and Modernization

With many KHS employees working either in the field or remotely, ensuring operational efficiency across all devices was critical. To modernize employee workstations, Core configured Microsoft Intune across all Windows devices – which allowed KHS to fully manage Windows devices within the Microsoft Cloud. Additionally, Core introduced a repeatable PC imaging solution with Windows Autopilot to enable provisioning of Windows 10 / 11 devices in the field.

In addition to Windows PCs, KHS also wanted to improve frontline workers’ mobile device experience. Prior to partnering with Core, KHS was experiencing security issues on shared mobile devices. These devices, used by frontline workers in the field, were not forcing logouts after each use- leaving KHS data and individual data vulnerable.

Core assessed their previous implementation of Intune Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management and made recommendations on best practices to help improve both security and compliance. App Protection Policies were also created to enforce specific requirements for all managed and unmanaged mobile devices.

Zero Trust Security

One of the biggest improvements Core made to KHS security was the implementation of Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication (“MFA”) and Conditional Access. This helped increase their security posture and compliance, as well as better protect their data by significantly reducing their attack surface. The implementation of MFA also met a requirement for their cyber security insurance premium, which resulted in cost savings. [Learn more about our Security solutions.]

"Our company was not used to having multi-factor authentication, so refining and making it an integral part of our workflows was necessary; Core BTS was instrumental in making that a possibility."

Rex Millan | Senior Infrastructure Administrator | Keystone Human Services

In addition, Self-Service Password Reset (“SSPR”) was enabled and enforced for all users to give their users the ability to change or reset their password without administrator or help desk involvement. This decreased downtime for the users and reduced overall call volume to their help desk.

Improving Communication and Collaboration

Prior to partnering with Core, KHS employees were utilizing Zoom and Ring Central as their communication platforms. Rather than use multiple platforms, Core transitioned KHS to Microsoft Teams – enabling them to centralize communication and collaboration in one platform.

Additionally, it was important for KHS employees to be able to easily access and share files from any location. Before this engagement, KHS was storing files in several places including on-premises, Rackspace, Box, and Egnyte. To streamline their file sharing across all departments and improve operational efficiency, Core migrated their files to SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams – all while ensuring user permissions were appropriately validated.

Finally, Core performed an assessment of their Exchange Online environment to ensure it was properly aligned with KHS’s security and HIPAA compliance protocols. Following the assessment, Core recommended that KHS could better safeguard their email platform and improve security by implementing an encryption strategy. [Learn more about our Modern Work solutions.]

“A lot of staff and executives travel, and we needed a system that would be secure, stable, and flexible to not hinder their ability to do their job wherever they were.”

Rex Millan | Senior Infrastructure Administrator | Keystone Human Services

The Results

Each of these newly implemented solutions have been transformative for the frontline workers at KHS. By equipping staff with updated equipment that can be managed in the cloud, they are now able to utilize faster and more efficient tools that will directly impact the quality and speed at which they can serve their individuals.

Enabling device provisioning with Windows Autopilot streamlined a previously 14-page manual process, freeing up staff time to focus on individuals' priorities. The added security measures, including 13 new Conditional Access Policies (“CAP”) and three new App Protection Policies, also ensure that individual information is appropriately stored and shared.

The implementation of Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive has been instrumental in improving operational efficiency, enhancing collaboration and communication, and empowering frontline workers. Core migrated large quantities of files and data from multiple locations, including:

  • 7 GB from Egnyte to OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Teams
  • 8 GB from Box to OneDrive for Business
  • 8 TB from personal network shares to OneDrive for Business
  • 7 TB from department network shares to SharePoint and Teams

Streamlining file storage allowed KHS to eliminate duplicative solutions (such as on-premises storage and multiple other cloud storage solutions), which resulted in overall cost savings.

Now employees across the frontlines, and all other facets of the business, can seamlessly connect and share important information securely. They can also access files from the cloud on any managed device, reducing the need for timely manual backups of their devices. This not only provides a stronger employee experience, but it also allows frontline workers to more easily and quickly access data and files that can be used to help provide the best possible care for their individuals.

Keystone Human Services

Keystone Human Services (KHS) is a multi-national human services organization based in Harrisburg, PA. KHS operates in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, the Republic of Moldova, and India, providing advocacy, services, and supports in early childhood education and family support, mental health, autism, and intellectual, developmental, cognitive, and physical disability. We build communities where everyone can thrive, direct their own lives, establish homes, find meaningful work, pursue education alongside their peers, and fill valued roles in the community. In addition to operating as KHS, KHS provides services through Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD), Capital Area Head Start (CAHS), Partnerships for People, Key Human Services, Keystone Autism Services, Keystone Moldova, and Keystone Institute India.

Technologies Used

Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication (“MFA”)

Exchange Online

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Teams

OneDrive for Business

Self-Service Password Reset (“SSPR”)

SharePoint Online

Windows Autopilot