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Dairy Simplifies Complex and Time-Consuming Business Processes

Business Situation

Milk Source has a Work Item process that tracks items to be worked on and enhanced throughout each of the facilities, such as replacing a hose in a milk building, installing warm water in the utility room and installing a fence in the feed area. Although it has made significant advances in the agricultural industry, it has relied heavily on a manual business process for the Work Items, consisting of sending emails, manual uploads of multiple images, duplicate entry of items, and spreadsheets to track progress.

Often, its notes and Work Items would be incomplete, lacking information such as full descriptions, who would be assigned the work, or expected completion dates. This prompted numerous back and forth emails and discussions around each Work Item.

Our Solution

We met with the key stakeholders to design a mobile solution for Milk Source’s Work Item process.

Integrating a Nintex mobile form with Milk Source’s phone’s native camera app, facility managers can capture photos of the work requests and add descriptions while onsite at each facility. Use of workflow allows them to drive the process forward by automating notifications to employees or vendors.

Using SharePoint Online, Milk Source has a consistent platform for all its data, which allows it to collect metrics on each work item, enabling the Milk Source Operations group to evaluate performance.

The Results

  • We created a simple and elegant solution from a set of complex and time-consuming business processes
  • Increased visibility into the open Work Items for each location, using insights to guide behavior
  • Increased proficiency in Milk Source’s maintenance efforts, allowing its team to focus on innovation and being a leader in their industry
  • Automated, timely communication with vendors and contractors without training or access to its secured intranet
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Milk Source

Milk Source operates quality dairies in Wisconsin, Michigan and Missouri, producing milk that is used to make cheese, butter and other dairy products. It also has a Wisconsin calf farm and a heifer-raising facility in Kansas. Milk Source is a leader in modern sustainable agriculture, finding safe, reliable and expandable technologies that tie economic success with environmental stewardship.

Technologies Used

Microsoft SharePoint