How Your Business Can Benefit From Using Microsoft Viva

By: Core BTS | May 27, 2021

Microsoft created a new platform called Viva to help empower employees for the digital age. They’re calling it a new kind of employee experience platform. In this blog, we will explain what Viva is, detail its four pillars, and share some ways your business can benefit from it.

The Four Pillars of Microsoft Viva

  1. Viva Connections is a single-entry point in your Microsoft 365 environment to pull together employee engagement and internal communications.
  2. Viva Insights uses My Analytics and Workplace Analytics to bring in Wellness and insights on collaboration per employee.
  3. Viva Topics can facilitate harvesting knowledge and finding experts within your organization.
  4. Viva Learning connects and monitors your learning platforms in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Microsoft Viva Connections

Viva Connections is accessed from Microsoft Teams. It provides a single-entry point for employee engagement and internal communications. Think of this as a gateway to your digital workplace. You can add your SharePoint Intranet, Yammer Communities, and Company News to one place in Microsoft Teams. It’s a quick way to create a digital platform in your Microsoft 365 environment. Your users will be able to navigate and access the company intranet without having to leave the Teams app.

Requirements: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Yammer, Microsoft SharePoint with the SharePoint App Bar and Homesite enabled, and your Intranet must be a communication site.

Microsoft Viva Insights

Viva Insights gives individuals, managers, and leaders personalized and actionable insights that everyone in the organization can use. It brings a new and personal employee wellbeing experience – along with recommended actions from Workplace Analytics and My Analytics – into the flow of people’s work within Microsoft Teams.

We spent so many years moving our information from an on-premises environment like SharePoint and OneDrive into Microsoft 365. The benefit of this is allowing Viva’s AI to automatically find and organize content and expertise into relevant categories. This will be a big benefit for a lot of organizations to help them find and curate data and expertise in organizations.

Every activity you’re doing in Microsoft 365 has potential actionable items that Viva captures to show your wellbeing experience, insights, and recommended actions.

Here are three ways you can use Viva Insights to improve daily work:

Personal Insights

If you email someone and ask if they received a report – or if you received an email asking you a question – Viva Insights will bring that recommended action to the forefront. It will surface the original email with the request and ask you if it has been completed. It’s an excellent way to keep track of things so you don’t interrupt your valuable flow of work by digging through your inbox.

Manager Insights

For managers, Viva Insights provides data-driven recommendations to foster healthy and successful teams. For example, Viva Insights can help managers see if their team is at risk of burnout and provide work-life balance recommendations like encouraging your team to turn off notifications, setting boundaries in their calendars, and setting daily priorities to focus on what matters most.

Company Insights

For company leaders, Viva Insights helps address complex challenges and respond to change by identifying organizational work patterns and trends. These could include wellbeing opportunities and workspace planning as companies reimage their offices for hybrid work. It also provides leaders with organizational network analysis to understand the connectedness and cohesion between and across team members – whether they’re returning to the office or continuing remote work. The network analysis also provides insights on what’s happening in each of your offices.

Requirements: My Analytics for personal insights, Workplace Analytics for manager and leader insights.

Microsoft Viva Topics

Viva Topics helps you find experts on specific topics in your organization. We have all experienced trying to find internal experts to help us understand company acronyms or content. This can be tedious – especially when you’re a new employee or working remotely.

Microsoft Research shows that people spend the equivalent of seven weeks per year searching for or recreating information. Viva Topics enables you to harness the knowledge of your organization and connect people to that knowledge in the apps they use every day. Viva Topic pages are like a Wikipedia with AI superpowers for your organization. And this AI automatically organizes company resources, content, and expertise into relevant categories like projects, processes, customers, and products.

Requirements: Additional M365 Viva Topics license per user

Microsoft Viva Learning

Viva Learning helps make knowledge discovery a natural part of every employee’s day to improve company culture. It lets you connect to other learning management systems and bring that information into Microsoft 365. Employees can easily discover learning resources and share everything from training courses to microlearning content. And managers get the tools they need to assign learning and track course completion to help foster a learning culture.

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As we continue our journey to the digital age, Microsoft Viva has the functionality to rejuvenate the current employee experience in Microsoft 365. Not only does Viva provide a better work experience, but it can also provide better ways to collaborate and share knowledge across the organization. If you’d like to learn more about this new platform, contact us.

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