Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

About Us

Core BTS is a full-service digital transformation consulting firm. We help organizations simplify technical complexity, accelerate transformation, and drive business outcomes.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Core BTS affirms and pledges its full support to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at Core BTS will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. Core BTS does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Employment / Workforce Diversity

Core BTS is multi-cultural and diverse, employing people from many origins and backgrounds, we believe diversity increases our competitive advantage and strengthens our company culture. But more than that, diversity is part of our commitment to equality and a workplace free of bigotry and discrimination of any kind.

Here at Core BTS we are committed to hiring, promoting, and advancing people from all backgrounds. We encourage diversity in hiring by encouraging and attracting talent from all races, creeds, sexual orientations, sexes, and gender identities. We foster an inclusive environment where people feel welcome to be themselves. To aid in realizing our commitment, Core BTS utilizes talent acquisition and hiring tactics to increase the diversity in our workplace.

Employment Mission

It is the policy of Core BTS to provide equal employment and advancement opportunity to all Team members and applicants for employment. Hiring and employment decisions will be based on merit, qualifications, and business needs, and not on race, creed, color, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, physical or mental disability, marital status, military status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information, gender identity, pregnancy (including childbirth or related medical conditions), or any other factor protected by law. This policy applies to all terms, conditions and privileges of employment including, but not limited to; recruitment, hiring, selection, evaluation, compensation, benefits, promotion, upgrading, demotion, downgrading, transfer, training and apprenticeships, internships and coops, job assignments, layoffs, termination, and all other terms and conditions of employment.

We also make additional efforts to hire and promote minority groups and women, and to promote inclusivity in employment and decision-making.

Core BTS’ recruiting efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Posting employment opportunities on the
  • Partnerships with Circa!-a SaaS-based diversity recruitment and OFCCP HR compliance technology solution company in which all of our job postings are cross posted to over 15M+ people across 600+ employment & diversity sites and 14 niche job sites.
  • Attendance at community and college job fairs sponsored by local institutions of higher education, and diversity groups.
  • Partnerships with diversity

Sustainability Mission Statement

Core BTS will prioritize helping our clients migrate to sustainable technology options and recycle end-of-life products, as well as modernizing our internal business practices and IT systems to reduce our carbon footprint.

The purpose of the program is to encourage, educate, and promote the utilization of environmentally sound practices within Core BTS.  The overall objective of the program is to foster a culture where Team members can actively suggest and participate in improvements which minimize the environmental impact of business operations.  The company will act as a forum which empowers its Team members to create processes and procedures to implement the following within the organization:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste reduction
  • Water reduction
  • Resource conservation
  • Product design considerations
  • Operations efficiency
  • Lifecycle assessment
  • Recycling and re-use of materials

Reduce / Reuse / Recycle

The purpose of this program is to provide a mechanism for Team members to easily reduce consumption, and recycle plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and office paper (etc).  The company will have the initial responsibility of coordinating and developing the recycling efforts within the organization.  The following tasks and processes associated with the Sustainability Program will need to be developed:

  • An evaluation of the types of materials that can be recycled within the organization, for example:
    • Plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans from vending machines.
    • Office white paper waste from copy machines
    • Lower grade paper from junk mail; brochures; envelopes; catalogues, etc.
    • Cardboard
    • Printer cartridges
    • Fluorescent light bulbs
    • Batteries
  • An evaluation of the quantities of the above materials.
  • Selection of Recycling Vendor
    • Costs
    • Benefits
  • Benchmarking of the current waste streams (quantities and frequency)
  • Logistics of recycling collection efforts
    • Location of recycling bins
    • Frequency of collection
    • Responsibility of collection

Recycling is the reprocessing of used materials that would otherwise become waste in order to break them down and remake them into new products. Recycling prevents the waste being sent to a landfill or incinerator, reduces the consumption of new raw materials, and is advocated by supporters to require less energy than virgin production.  One of the main benefits of recycling comes from reducing the amount of new material required. In theory, recycling allows a material to be continually reused for the same purpose, and in many cases this theory holds true, most notably in the recycling of metals and glass.  Since less raw material is required, recycling creates further benefits for materials where cost of the initial extraction or production is high—either economically, socially or environmentally.

Procurement / Vendor Purchasing

Core BTS considers quality, service, dependability and price as the main components of any vendor relationship. We pledge to partner, wherever possible, with minority and women vendors, as well as other diverse groups, to create a mutually beneficial business climate. Core BTS’ goal is to ensure that all qualified vendors are given equal opportunity to bid on products and services.

Core BTS’ diverse vendor purchasing initiatives include:

  • Internal Communication initiative to Key Stakeholders to drive MWBE awareness of the types and volumes of goods and services that Core BTS purchases for its business.
  • Establishing reasonable business terms, agreed upon by both the vendor and the Purchasing Department.

Sustainability Goals

Core BTS has fully committed to the Sustainability Pledge offered by Cisco as part of their Environmental Sustainability Specialization.  Thus Core BTS now actively supports the following goals:

  • 100% product return for recycling on clients’ end-of-use items.
  • 100% of our corporate packaging incorporates Circular Design Principles by FY2025.
  • Be net zero across global Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 2040.

Sustainability Plan

Actions to be taken to achieve these goals include:

  • Engage with a re-cycling services provider that is committed to sustainability and can provide reports on the carbon footprint impact of our ongoing recycling efforts;
  • Conduct regular webinars on sustainability best practices for all employees that encompass both in-office and at home activities, led by recognizable third party experts, with tangible benefits provided for participation;
  • Actively encourage Team member participation in various “go green” projects in their localities, and publicize such participation;
  • Annual Corporate sponsorship of at least one “go green” initiative in each of Core BTS’ four sales regions, and publicize the results of these initiatives.

Dissemination of Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

The Company’s VP of HR has been designated as the Social Responsibility Officer. The  Officer is responsible for disseminating the Plan to all Team members and for providing a copy of the Plan to all newly hired Team members at initial orientation, posting it in shared areas, annual distribution to all Team members, posting the Plan on the company’s intranet, and publication in the Team member handbook.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Effectiveness Assessment

An important part of our diversity plan is the measure of its effectiveness. This objective is achieved by means of preparing annual report that provides a performance assessment of Core BTS’ Social Responsibility Plan for the preceding year.


Core BTS works as a team to develop a high-performing, inclusive work environment reflective of the diverse community it serves. We strive to create a company culture where all ideas and all contributions are valued. Our commitment to making inclusiveness the foundation of our culture is driven not only from our desire to enhance the community, but also from its importance to maintaining a sound business strategy.