5 New Updates to Microsoft Teams | May 2022

By: Core BTS | May 17, 2022

This month we noticed several new Microsoft Teams enhancements designed to ensure a better user experience. In this update, we highlight new General Availability features and explain how they benefit your day-to-day work. At the end of this blog, we call out a few items from previous months that were moved back on the deployment schedule roadmap.

1. View Together Mode for Everyone

The meeting video gallery view is set by each participant to determine which view they see on their screen during a meeting. This new feature will allow the Meeting organizer and presenters to start Together Mode in the meeting for all the participants. Any participant that has incoming video turned off for that meeting will not see the together mode.  

2. Expanded Reactions

Expanded reactions allow users to apply any emoji as a reaction to chat messages. User can pick from 800+ Teams emojis to react how they want. This feautre will be available for Teams desktop apps (Windows and Mac), Teams mobile (Android and iOS), and Teams on the web in the browser.

3. Updates to Microsoft Teams Panels

Check Out for Microsoft Teams Panels

From a Microsoft Teams panel, users can “check out” of a room with the touch of a button, ending the room reservation and returning the room back to the room inventory.

Extend Room Reservations for Microsoft Teams Panels

From a Microsoft Teams panel, meeting organizers can extend their existing meeting room reservation. The reservation can only be extended if the room is available during that time. 

4. Career Coach – Student Activity Insights

Career Coach is a Microsoft Teams app that is powered by LinkedIn. The app can help students explore their career paths, grow a professional network, and build real world skills. In the education tenants, faculty and staff license holders will now be able to view insights for aggregated student activity insights in Career Coach. Insights include student skills, career interests, and progress on career-related activities. Note, this item has been delayed and is being rescheduled.

5. Workspace Management for Admins

Managing Teams’ meeting rooms devices like surface hubs, panels, phones, and displays has become much easier in the Teams Admin Center. Workspace Management is a new feature within Teams Admin Center that provides an integrated view of data and analytics for all devices in a specific physical location – along with relevant insights. This capability gives IT admins the ability to manage connected devices and monitor workspace health, utilization, and conformance to standards at any location. 

Updates on Reschedules

Microsoft will occasionally reschedule features to fit their deployment timeline. This section covers any updates from our previous blogs that were rescheduled. Click on the URLs below to see the roadmap item update.

  • Co-organizer Meeting Role | Feature ID 81391 – Still in Development (May 2022)
  • New Video Filters | Feature ID 65944 – Updated to May 2022
  • Pairing the channel and the corresponding SharePoint folder name | Feature ID 72211 – Still in Development (May 2022)
  • Chat with Self | Feature ID 88066 – Updated to June 2022
  • Exchange Contacts Available in Calling Pickers | Feature ID 93050 – Updated to June 2022
  • Speaker Coach in Microsoft Teams Meetings – Updated to June 2022
  • Home Page Customization for Teams Admin Center | Feature ID 85703 – Still in Development (May 2022)

In Conclusion

The feature deployment of the Microsoft 365 Platform comes in many waves, across multiple tenants, and in different phases. Microsoft has many phased release cycles for their environments. The features are more for the enterprise environment, and the governance tenants may vary on the release. You can access the full Microsoft 365 Roadmap here.

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