Windows 10 Readiness

National Retailer Determines Windows 10 Readiness, Accelerates Workplace Transformation

A national retailer based in Columbus, Ohio tapped Core BTS to help them accelerate their workplace transformation.The first stop on their journey towards a more modern workplace? An enterprise-wide Windows 10 deployment. By deploying Windows 10, the retailer could modernize workstations and prepare for a Windows as a Service ("WaaS") model. Not to mention, lay the foundation for full Office 365 adoption.


Developing a Process

But, in order to streamline deployment activities, the retailer would first need to develop a Windows deployment plan and validate it through a production pilot. So, Core BTS worked with the retailer to determine deployment readiness. First, Core BTS outlined their current- and desired-state Windows architecture through a series of workshops. Then, using the information gathered during the workshops, Core BTS drafted Windows 10 design and readiness documentation, including an outline of configuration and security requirements.

Windows Roadmap

Core BTS consultants also helped the retailer develop a Windows update roadmap, to ensure that they could effectively operate under a WaaS model.Following the development of design documentation and a WaaS model, Core BTS worked with the retailer to implement security policies and configurations. This included, but was not limited to, the design and implementation of Windows 10 Group Policies and OneDrive for Business configurations for Windows 10.


Implimentation and Execution

In tandem with the aforementioned, Core BTS optimized the process by which user data would be migrated during the transition to Windows 10. Likewise, Core BTS integrated custom IP into Windows 10 task sequences to facilitate application redeployment. Next, Core BTS ran a test pilot on 50 devices to validate migration strategies, security configurations, and upgrade readiness. And, after successfully validating design decisions during the production pilot, the retailer was ready for enterprise-wide deployment.