Say Goodbye to Skype for Business and Hello to Microsoft Teams

September 26, 2017

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, made some exciting announcements at day one of Microsoft Ignite. One of the biggest announcements of the day was that Skype for Business Online will be replaced by Microsoft Teams.

“Microsoft Teams will evolve as the core communications client,” said Ron Markezich, Corporate Vice President of Office 365. “We will make Microsoft Teams the hero and primary experience for all voice, video and meetings. We think the vast majority of our customers will go toward Microsoft Teams as that hub for teamwork.”

Microsoft verified that the transition from Skype Online to Teams will not happen overnight. While Microsoft will start pushing Office 365 users to move to Teams as soon as possible, Skype for Business Online customers will not be required to go “all-in” with Microsoft Teams right away. With that said, as more Skype for Business features get ported over and turned on in Teams, Microsoft expects customers to make the shift.

And, for those companies who don’t yet have their communications clients in the cloud, Microsoft is working on a new version of Skype for Business Server that will be released in the second half of 2018.

More information regarding these changes to Skype will come soon. For now, here is a brief recap of this announcement.

  • Skype for Business Online will slowly transition to Microsoft Teams.
  • A full roadmap for Microsoft Teams will be released in October 2017. This will allow customers to assess the capabilities of Teams, and determine the timing for moving to Teams based on their needs and feature availability.
  • While Skype for Business Online will become Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Server On-Premises isn’t going away. Microsoft is targeting an update to its On-Premises version of Skype for Business Server by Q4 of 2018.

Have questions about this change? Need assistance developing a communications roadmap? Don’t hesitate to drop Blue Chip a line.

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