Network Solutions

A versatile network is a key indicator that sets up an organization for the digital future. Organizations can stay innovative and diverse by ensuring their structure is digital-ready. With Core’s expertise, organizations can create a digital-ready system; therefore,  providing faster time to innovate, lower their risk to breaches, and reduce overall costs.

Core has expertise and experience with industry leading solutions in the following areas:

  • Network Intelligence
    • SDN to the enterprise, WAN
    • Centralized automation of policy-based applications and automated network controls
  • Connected Mobility
    • Intelligent Wireless Networks
    • Location Analytics
  • Unified Access
    • Converged Wired and Wireless Networks
    • Simplification of Network Operations
    • Location Analytics
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Intelligent Network Infrastructure
    • Improved Network Operations
    • Increase Safety and Security
    • Data insights to streamline automation