Collaboration Solutions

Organizational processes are increasingly dependent on creative management and information sharing. Collaboration technologies provide the power organizations need to conduct business through geographic and virtual borders. Through these technologies, organizations are able to connect multiple facets of their operation, reduce travel costs, and impact the bottom line. With the help of Core, innovative organizations are transforming into a live network of global information exchange.

Core has expertise and experience with industry leading collaboration solutions in the following areas:

  • Unified Collaboration
    • Voice over IP (VoIP)
    • TelePresence
    • Mobility and Presence
    • Enterprise Messaging
    • Business Productivity
  • Unified Conferencing
  • Customer Care
    • Contact Center
    • Workforce Management
    • Omnichannel Experience
    • Recording and Compliance
  • Unified Conferencing
  • Customer Care
    • Converged Wired and Wireless Networks
    • Simplification of Network Operations
    • Location Analytics
  • Audio and Visual
  • Digital Content Sharing