Modern Applications

Lead your industry, increase efficiency, and enhance productivity with solutions tailored to your needs.

Canned software solutions can only take you so far. To truly lead your industry, you need something your competitors don’t have. Through partnering with you and understanding your objectives, we can deliver innovative and dependable solutions as we have for hundreds of others.

Whether it's developing new software that cuts cost or integrating new technology into a legacy environment, our associates can develop and integrate it. Our custom software development and integration solutions will give you a competitive edge, increase efficiency, and enhance productivity. Contact us to get started.

Software Development

While clients often share common challenges, the solution is never the same. We get to know your business and apply our technology expertise and experience within your industry. We bring the right people to the table to map out and define the solution that will be the best fit for your business.

At Core, we build teams to best serve our clients. These teams can work remote from our offices, or side-by-side with your employees in your offices. Our goal is to develop software that is right for you and your business.

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API Development and Integration

Technology silos create inefficiencies and confusion that can hobble your success. If your systems don’t talk to each other – but should – then we can integrate them using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Well architected APIs are fundamental to achieving improved performance, reliable scalability and seamless integration. We’re experienced with integrating custom and off-the-shelf APIs to give our clients increased efficiency and productivity.

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Web Applications

We excel in modern, cloud-based web app design and development. A performant, secure, scalable, cost effective solution that meets the business objective requires a depth of experience that we possess.

We also understand how to integrate to your existing environments for a hybrid, yet still modern solution. And where user experience is critical, we have the creative, UI/UX skills to deliver the complete solution.

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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Our team of experts can deliver everything from a marketing app to a complicated, scalable, data-intensive business app. We handle the entire lifecycle of your mobile application from creative design, usability testing, technical architecture and development to integration with back-end systems, deployment, and ongoing support.

We can deliver solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Looking to have your mobile app hosted in Microsoft Azure? We can help you get your mobile app in the cloud and use auto-scaling to fit your business need.

Website Design and Development

From custom content management solutions to complex system-integrated websites, our development team will help right-size a solution for you. We’ll handle integrations like Google Analytics and Tag Manager to more complex approaches like single sign-on or ERP integrations. We can also fully automate the release process utilizing Azure DevOps.

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