Case Study

National Retailer Modernizes with Microsoft Azure, Rehosts SQL Server on Azure


To realize their vision of helping people live healthier lives, the health and wellness division of a national retailer sought to expand locations and introduce new capabilities to new communities. Unfortunately, technical challenges were preventing the organization from scaling their business to meet consumer demand.

Their existing IT infrastructure, which consisted of legacy servers and applications, was the main roadblock. Why? Not only was maintaining the aging infrastructure time consuming and resource intensive, but costly.

The organization knew they needed to simplify and enhance their cloud infrastructure. Doing so would provide them with the flexibility to meet consumer demands, as well as increase security and cost savings.


Core BTS began by assessing existing servers and applications, analyzing each for business value and technical quality. The assessment findings were used to develop a cloud migration and app modernization strategy that included detailed architecture diagrams, governance recommendations, and migration plans. ‚Äč

Once the strategy was in place, Core BTS used Microsoft best practices and custom tooling to efficiently migrate legacy servers and applications to Microsoft Azure. This included moving mission critical database applications running on SQL Server to Azure.

Through lift and shift, the organization was able to start scaling up to meet demand and avoid the complexity of managing their own physical servers and datacenter infrastructure.

Now, Core BTS is working with the organization to modernize migrated applications.


By methodically migrating legacy servers and applications to Azure, the organization experienced immediate cost savings and added scale. With their major technical roadblocks eliminated, the organization can refocus their efforts on their consumers and expanding their business.

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