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Case Studies

Bob Evans Cloud Adoption

With Core BTS managing all aspects of their cloud lifecycle, Bob Evans was able to realize agility, cost predictability, and top-notch security.

Pierce Upgrades Critical App Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule

Pierce had to quickly update an app essential to their new 100' Tower. See how our development teams helped them hit their deadline and save $297,500.

Manufacturer Overcomes COVID Disruptions with Augmented Reality

COVID-19 completely disrupted how Systems Control differentiated their business. See how our augmented reality solution helped them differentiate and thrive.

Ferro Reduces IT Costs by 30% with Infrastructure Optimization

Stable infrastructure and standardized platform allowed Ferro to prepare for their journey to the cloud and reduce their total IT cost of ownership.

Accountable Consultative Relationship Builds Trust and Value

SASED knew they needed support but were wary of trying another IT consultancy. See how we changed their view of consultants and earned their trust.

Dairy Simplifies Complex and Time-Consuming Business Processes

See how this Wisconsin Dairy moved its inefficient manual work processes to an automated and streamlined digital platform to increase efficiency and innovation.