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Custom Software Development Increases Sales by 35%

Business Situation

Committed to being the very best value-added distributor of products that vehicles consume in North America, U.S. AutoForce has a reputation for delivering unconventional, creative solutions that give their customers a competitive edge in the marketplace. Hearing that the dealer-facing market desired a tool that would better assist them in the sale and recommendation of tires to their customers, U.S. Venture sought a partner that could help them envision what’s possible to meet customer demands and grow into the dealership market in a meaningful way.

U.S. Venture ultimately chose us as their partner due to our past working relationship and proven track-record for success in developing solutions for a number of their other business units.

“Core is a value-added partner and masters of their craft. They don’t just get technology; they get relationships. Their people truly care about my business–it’s not us and them–we’re a team. They take the time to understand my needs and challenge us to consider what’s possible.“

Ryan Metzner | Applications Manager | U.S. Venture

Our Solution

Sensitive to the client’s need to move quickly, we took an agile approach to the project using scrum methods. Our team began by listening to the client to understand the needs and the basic requirements for the platform. Then, taking a “what’s possible” approach, we led a series of collaborative discussions to further explore and define what else could be done to develop a solution that not only fulfilled the current needs of the customers, but went beyond expectations laying the foundation for a long-term, scalable solution for the future.

With more than 70,000 tires to choose from, it was determined that the tool would need to quickly access information, making a scalable cloud-based approach the best choice. While the tool was initially released as a desktop-based platform, we developed the tool to be mobile-friendly across devices—giving users the ability to quickly access data from anywhere using any device.

Functioning primarily as a sophisticated search platform, the tool enables customers to sort and select tires from U.S. AutoForce’s massive inventory more efficiently. The system gives customers the ability to select and set a variety of parameters for their search (such as brand, price and performance features) that help narrow down their search and make appropriate recommendations to the end-user, based on safety and business drivers.

Additionally, many dealerships see high turnover in their service departments, so another key feature of the platform was its educational component. Designed to facilitate the training of new service team members, the platform helped clearly convey the various types of tires offered as well as their features and benefits. Other features of the tool were aimed to bring additional improvements to the sales process including the ability for dealerships to auto-generate quotes, set dynamic pricing rules, create dealership coupons and see current manufacturer promotions.

The Results

The platform developed for U.S. AutoForce has proven to be invaluable for both the company and its customers.


Since the initial launch of the software, the solution has helped U.S. AutoForce break into new markets within the dealership segment of their industry. While other tools for tire sales exist, they’re primarily consumer-focused. Our solution is uniquely business-oriented and technologically ahead of the curve—providing a more attractive, user-friendly experience.

Increased Sales

The platform has made a huge impact on U.S. AutoForce’s business. They saw an increase in tire sales by 35%. Simply put—they made it easy to buy tires.

Seeing Beyond

The great success of the platform has been an eye opening experience for the U.S. Venture team regarding the power of the cloud. Since launching this product, the company has moved other aspects of their business to the cloud—enabling them to realize additional cost savings and be more nimble as a business moving forward.

About U.S. Venture

For more than 65 years, U.S. Venture, Inc. has been recognized as an innovative leader in the distribution of petroleum and renewable energy products, lubricants, tires and parts, and using data-driven insights to manage energy and information in the global movement of goods.

Technologies Used

Agile Methodology

Angular JS

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft VSTS