Focus Solutions Drives More Value from Their Data

Business Situation

Existing EHR applications do provide some built-in reporting capabilities based on specific domains, such as: billing and invoicing, patient visits, immunizations, and procedures. This built-in reporting is highly structured and doesn’t allow for ad-hoc, cross domain, or consolidated analysis.

Focus Solutions needed to provide a solution that identified and allowed for analysis of the data within EHRs to provide their clients with flexible, accessible, and concise reporting on key performance indicators. We proposed a solution that met the stated requirements at a much lower cost than customizing the existing reporting within individual EHRs. (See our data analytics and BI capabilities)

"By partnering with Core and leveraging Power BI, our clients will be able to drive more value from their data and accelerate decision making."

Bruce E. Schaumberg | Founder / Senior Healthcare Consultant | Focus Solutions

Our Solution

We leveraged Power BI to extract the data from the back-end of their current EHR system. During the extraction process, a set of business rules was applied to the data to ensure consistency with existing reporting standards that are in place today. This data was then stored in a Power BI data model, which lives on secure, HIPAA compliant Azure storage. A series of Power BI dashboards were created and packaged with the solution to provide the end user with an out-of-the-box solution for healthcare business analytics. End users can extend their implementation by customizing the packaged dashboards to meet their specific business needs. Additionally, access to reports and data was managed using existing Active Directory accounts, simplifying the overall security process by centralizing access within existing IT security procedures.

The Results

The Power BI reporting solution empowered stakeholders at Focus Solutions’ client organizations to make data-driven decisions while improving consistency, reducing risk, and significantly decreasing costs:

  • Automates the extraction, refresh frequency, and application of business logic to the data - This type of automation not only saves each clinic the 80+ hours of manual work per month in reporting, it also significantly reduces the likelihood of user error during the creation of manual reporting solutions.
  • Leverages world class security, using Power BI and Microsoft Azure - Sharing one-off spreadsheets and reports that contain personal health information is a risk. This risk is now a thing of the past because all necessary reports and data are accessed through the Power BI portal.
  • Enables ad-hoc analysis - The pre-built dashboards serve as an excellent starting point, and end-users are trained on how to customize, or even build their own dashboards and reports from scratch. This ability to create on-demand content has enabled stakeholders to make data-driven decisions weeks earlier by not having to wait for IT to curate a report.
  • Enables cross domain analysis – Current EHR systems’ reporting oftentimes won’t allow for cross domain analysis such as, “what types of patients don’t pay their bills on time”? To customize an existing EHR or create this report within the application could cost thousands of dollars. The relationships that are built into the Power BI data model are already created and allow for end-users to perform this type of analysis in just a few clicks.
  • Enables consolidated analysis – For physicians and clinics that have multiple EHR systems, the ability to report across systems doesn’t exist. Building a Power BI model in a generic way that can combine data from multiple brands of EHRs is one of the highest valued features offered by this solution.

Focus Solutions

Focus Solutions is a service provider that is certified to install, implement and support Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs) in Physician Offices and Clinics, both large and small. Focus Solutions provides services that include workflow optimization, training and implementation, analytics, migration, consulting and support on these systems.

Technologies Used

Microsoft Power BI

Power Pivot

SQL Server