Core BTS Announces Conference Dedicated to Digital Transformation

August 16, 2022

Core BTS, a leading IT consulting firm and integrated solution provider, today announced its inaugural Catalyst Conference, scheduled for Thursday, September 29.

The virtual conference was created to help business executives and technology leaders explore ways to use technology to spark digital innovation, drive change, and accelerate time-to-value.

“Digital transformation is not just about embracing cutting-edge technology,” said Dylan Pure, Chief Operating Officer at Core BTS. “It is an opportunity to drive business growth and create a competitive advantage through new products, new services, data analytics, and enhanced operating models. Core Catalyst will help attendees spot the business potential in emerging technologies while providing a lens into practical strategies for implementation.”

Catalyst Conference will provide organizations with actionable ways to accelerate IT modernization and build cultures that embrace technology innovation so that they are poised to experience long-term business growth and profitability, even in competitive and challenging market conditions.

The conference agenda features a robust lineup of session topics, including:

  • Improving M&A Outcomes with Adoption and Change Management
  • Opening Digital Doors with Modern Apps
  • How to Build a Strong Data Foundation that Enables AI and ML

To view more information and register for the Core BTS Catalyst Conference, visit:

Additional session topics and speakers to be announced soon.

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