Microsoft Azure

Empowering the modern business

Take your business to the cloud with Microsoft Azure – a reliable and secure cloud platform built to help you innovate, grow and save money.

Azure easily integrates with your existing infrastructure and applications, allowing your business the flexibility and scalability needed as your priorities evolve. Whether scaling up or down, Azure provides your company with cost-effective plans depending on your company’s usage.

When choosing the best strategy for your business, peace of mind, easy management, and the ability to make better decisions quickly are priorities.  Azure recognizes and fulfills these needs by providing reliable backups and recovery when needed all while increasing your productivity and efficiency by lowering hardware failure and systems overload.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Capabilities

Industry leading with security, privacy and compliance

Distributed in-memory application cache system

Persistent and durable storage in the cloud

Standards-based service for identity and access control

...and so much more

How Can Core BTS Help You with Azure?

Leveraging a consultative IT and business approach, Core’s certified cloud experts will work with your team to evaluate how your organization can get the most out of Azure, enabling your current and long-term business goals.

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Customize your Azure migration journey

Migrate to the cloud on your terms by understanding and assessing the best option for your business.

Ensure business continuity and secure your data centers

Azure Site Recovery 

Stay ahead of potential business disruptions by running your applications in Azure. Azure Site Recovery is easy to deploy and reduces infrastructure costs so you can keep your business operational during scheduled or unscheduled outages.

Azure Backup

When data has been corrupted or lost, leverage Azure’s built-in backup solution to restore your data and keep your business moving.

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