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Introducing CoreStratus

An Azure Cloud Cost Optimization and
Financial Governance Solution from Core BTS

Cloud sprawl is real. And painful.

The cloud made app development faster and easier, but now bills are coming due.
And they’re not pretty.

At Core BTS, we know it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Joe Bellian

Director of Microsoft Programs & Fast Track

The devil is in the details, and we don’t like surprises.

Most, if not all, cloud optimization platforms focus on superficial scans of your cloud environment, leading to several missed opportunities.

We take a methodical approach upfront, factoring in complex technical and business factors to give you a true, holistic perspective of your 
cloud situation in an easy-to-understand way.

Together, we quickly determine (in plain English) what cloud management and spending decisions need to be made with unparalleled accuracy.

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You’re probably wasting 30-50% of your cloud budget right now.

Painful, yes. Ripe for opportunity, absolutely.
Our approach provides easy-to-understand business answers and future-looking governance, not just rudimentary cost savings and technical analysis dashboards.

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Decentralize your teams. Not your budgets.

We work with senior technology executives at some of the largest Azure spenders in the world. We help them maintain control of spend without losing development speed and autonomy.

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Get in. Make decisions. Get on with life.

Working with the CORE BTS team once saves executives 7 Zoom meetings, 22 emails, 4 weekend phone calls, and 5 text messages 
per month. We’re kidding—sort of. With the right governance in place, you make faster decisions with confidence … now and in the future.

All Gain. No Pain.

Here is the Core BTS Four Step Process.

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Start with your baseline.

We start with a baseline of your current environment and, within days, identify immediate waste. Together, we ‌then establish your Azure Governance, tag all resources, and set up Flexera Billing Centers.


Establish once. Then automate, automate, automate.

Most organizations don’t have a strong Azure Governance in place. Or, if they do, teams aren’t following it. We help you set up organization-wide policies and then automate tagging so future compliance isn’t left to the whims and desires of the day.

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Rack up the wins.

Once you have your baseline and governance in place, it becomes easy to spot the opportunities for savings and efficiency. This is where we really shine.

• Pull orphaned item list for review: Start with the lowest hanging, but often hidden, opportunities.
• Identify any misconfigurations: Downsize under-
utilized workloads.
• Advise on workload migrations: Get the right migration strategy for the right app. Not all apps are created equal.

Never look back.

Our approach focuses as much on tomorrow as it does on today. Once savings and strategies have been identified, we give you the right reports and strategies to maintain your spending in the future.

• Flexera policies setup: Create policies on an app, team or project basis. The choice is yours.
• Review deltas in spending: Create a regular and proactive cadence of spend review.
• Plan for future projects: Create a cloud cost plan at the start of a project, not the end.

Sample customized dashboard and consumption report


Ready to get smarter with Azure?
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