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Fabric React Primer on Components, Controls and Theming

It's easy to get to know Fabric React. Whether you're starting from scratch or adding it to a project, here's how to learn and use its controls and components.
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Productivity & Collaboration

Using Hooks to Reactify a Plain JavaScript Library: A Walkthrough

Here's how to use React Hooks to wrap a vanilla JavaScript library with a React component so you can easily reuse it throughout your app and stay in React Mode.
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Application Modernization

Using React Hooks in the SharePoint Framework (SPFx 1.8)

A new feature released in React 16.8 is React Hooks that allow you to reuse stateful logic and share component behavior among many components or with the community. Before React Hooks, we broke down our UI into small, digestible, reusable components. The idea was that each component could be pulled out and reused in other projects. …

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