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Application Modernization

Manufacturer Overcomes COVID Disruptions with Augmented Reality

COVID-19 completely disrupted how Systems Control differentiated their business. See how our augmented reality solution helped them differentiate and thrive.
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Productivity & Collaboration

Dairy Simplifies Complex and Time-Consuming Business Processes

See how this Wisconsin Dairy moved its inefficient manual work processes to an automated and streamlined digital platform to increase efficiency and innovation.
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Data Analytics

Integrated Business Intelligence Solution

See how we helped NWTC create a central repository of data and analysis tools to help them determine which factors led to their students' success.
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Application Modernization

Miller® LiveArc Welding Performance Management System

The Miller® LiveArc™ welding performance management system is a new and innovative reality-based training system that utilizes a live welding arc.
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Application Modernization

Mile of Music Mobile App

In planning the festival, event organizers wanted to provide attendees a user-friendly tool that would help them get the most from their experience.
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Application Modernization

BCycle Dashes into New Markets with Smart Bikes

Station-based bike-sharing systems can be expensive and inflexible. See how we helped BCycle eliminate high upfront cost, lower system cost, and improve UX.
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Application Modernization

Health Care Data Website Rebuild and Maintenance

See how we helped Guroo realize nearly 90% savings by leveraging auto-scaling and eliminating idle machines.
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Application Modernization

App Modernization Improves User Experience

See how we modernized and optimized Belmark's web applications to make their intake volume and sales processes easier to use and more user-friendly.
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Cloud Deployment & Optimization

Baisch Engineering Saves Website Costs with Cloud Migration

See how we helped Baisch get set up in Azure, deploy several existing project sites, and provide documentation and guidance on the deployment process.
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Application Modernization

Automated and Scalable ERP System

See how we transitioned U.S. Oil from its legacy iSeries system to a custom solution designed to support its aggressive growth strategies.