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Agile User Story Splitting by Acceptance Criteria & Test Cases

When you are writing Acceptance Criteria and Test Cases for a User Story and the list keeps growing and growing, then you may need to split that story.
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20 Ways to Adapt Agile Best Practices to Remote Work

You can adapt agile best practices to enable your workforce to be effective working remotely from home, the beach, or anywhere (with reliable internet).
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6 Truths About Project Leadership Learned from Trial & Error

As a young leader, I made a lot of mistakes. But I have learned and grown since then. Let my journey of trial and error help you become a more effective leader.
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Agile User Story Splitting by User Roles

Different users of your system may have different needs and be able to do different things. Splitting stories by user roles is yet another useful technique.
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Agile User Story Splitting by Happy / Unhappy Paths & Operations (CRUD)

Good user stories and acceptance criteria will address both happy and unhappy paths of the story. The Happy Path represents the perfect situation where there are few (or no options) and nothing ever goes wrong.
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Agile User Story Splitting: Capabilities / User Goals & Workflow Steps

When starting out with big ideas, you'll need to make them smaller and more approachable so you can further decompose them into user stories.
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What are Agile User Stories and Why Should You Split Them?

Story splitting is one of the most deceptively difficult skills to master in agile. But what is a user story, and why should I learn how to split them?
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4 Agile Transformation Pain Points with Managing Work

I've seen teams struggle with how to manage work when transitioning to agile. But if your team can address these pain points, you will succeed early and often.
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How to Form an Effective Agile Team: The Experts’ Guide

This actionable guide distills 20+ years of experience to show you how to get your organization behind the Agile team mindset and form an effective Agile team.
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3 Agile Transformation Pain Points Managers and Executives Face

As a BA, I see how everyone in an organization handles agile transformation, including the unique challenges faced by leaders that impact their direct reports.