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data-driven pitfalls
Data Analytics

Data-Driven Organizations Avoid These 7 Common Pitfalls

Everyone wants to become data-driven. But, before you start modernizing your data, make sure you watch out for these common data transformation pitfalls.
microsoft 365 migration feature
Productivity & Collaboration

Microsoft 365 Migration Success Depends on These 5 Steps

To help your Microsoft 365 migration from on-premises SharePoint truly succeed, here are the 5 critical things to consider before you do the technical planning.
build vs buy pros and cons matrix
Application Modernization

Build vs Buy Software? Choose Correctly with this Pro-Con Matrix

To help you make an objective build vs buy decision, this matrix of pros and cons details the factors you need to consider to make the best long-term decision.
data transformation feature
Data Analytics

How Data Transformation & Modernization Can Change Your Business

When organizations think of transforming into a data-driven culture, most just think it just impacts ETL. But true data transformation impacts far more....
microsoft teams update july 2022
Productivity & Collaboration

7 New Updates to Microsoft Teams | July 2022

In our July update of Microsoft Teams features, we highlight new General Availability features and explain how they impact your day-to-day work.
microsoft stream on sharepoint
Productivity & Collaboration

2022 Updates to Microsoft Stream on SharePoint

Stream on SharePoint gives users a very similar experience when working in M365. Here are its latest enhancements and how they benefit your day-to-day work.

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team meeting with whiteboard
Productivity & Collaboration

10 Steps to Successful Requirements Gathering and Elicitation Meeting

Here are 10 recommended steps to help you organize and facilitate a successful requirements gathering and elicitation meeting.
path through field
Application Modernization

Agile User Story Splitting by Happy / Unhappy Paths & Operations (CRUD)

Good user stories and acceptance criteria will address both happy and unhappy paths of the story. The Happy Path represents the perfect situation where there are few (or no options) and nothing ever goes wrong.
Developer typing code on laptop
Productivity & Collaboration

Async, Await, and ConfigureAwait – Oh My!

In .NET Framework 4.5, async/await keywords were added to make async programming easier to work with. However, there are a few gotchas you may not know about.
Mountains and clouds
Cloud Deployment & Optimization

Azure Tips & Tricks: Preventing Headaches with Cosmos Document IDs

The following simple tip regarding Cosmos DB's document identifier property may help you avoid creating a hard-to-find bug in your code.
Power BI reports on tablet
Data Analytics

How Aggregation Tables Improve Performance for Power BI Reports

This dive into aggregation tables will help you decide when to use them in Power BI to improve your data model and query performance.
team collaborating on whiteboard
Application Modernization

How to Identify Good and Bad Agile User Stories

What Makes a Good User Story? The most common checklist that is applied to identify a GOOD user story was coined by Bill Wake, and it is the acronym INVEST. It stands for: I – independentN – negotiableV – valuableE- estimableS – smallT – testable Let me briefly explain each of these, and how it relates to the …

How to Identify Good and Bad Agile User Stories Read More »

star schema
Productivity & Collaboration

Managing Web.Config Settings For Multiple Environments

The web.config transformation process that occurs while publishing an ASP.NET web app is a compelling model for management automation.
team working in open office

Office 365: Single Sign-on vs. Same Sign-on

When going to a sign-on solution it is good to weigh your options and pick the choice best suited for your business needs.
Power Apps
Application Modernization

When Is Your App Too Complex for Power Apps?

When is the business need and corresponding technical solution too complex for Power Apps? Here are some examples when a custom app may be the best choice.

Security Insights

We put security at the core of everything we do

How Passwordless Authentication Can Secure Your Environment

What if your end users could stop creating, storing, or remembering passwords? It's possible with passwordless authentication. Here's what you need to know.

7 Key Guidelines to Accelerate Your Zero Trust Journey

To help you find the right route to take along your zero trust journey, our security experts have compiled 7 guidelines you can use to plot your own course.

The 6 Major Stages of a Successful Cloud Migration: A Walkthrough

By following these proven major stages of a successful cloud migration, IT leaders can provide a path to a more flexible, responsive, and agile organization.

Connect Teams Users to PureCloud Help Desk Agents with Azure Bots

We recently helped one of our clients to create an experience where both end users and Help Desk Agents can remain in the tools where they are most productive.

Cloud Insights

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networking automation blog

Prepare Your Company for the Future with Network Automation

With growing costs of network operations, more devices to manage, and the explosion of data, network managers face many challenges that automation can fix.
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questions to ask managed services provider
Managed Services

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Managed Services Provider

To help your business operate at peak efficiency, you may want to partner with a managed services provider. If so, here are the top five questions you should ask them.
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microsoft teams update april 2022 feature
Productivity & Collaboration

11 New Updates to Microsoft Teams | April 2022

In this month's Teams feature update, we highlight new General Availability features and explain how they benefit your day-to-day work.
Read More

Beware of These 6 Phishing Tactics to Protect Your Users and Systems

Phishing attacks are common and varying. It’s not enough to just focus on system security; you must also think about user security. Here's what to look out for.
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datacenter modernization

Datacenter Modernization: Can’t Get There from Here

Comprehensive datacenter change is difficult, but here's how to build a new modern datacenter, in the same footprint, without negatively impacting the business.
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cyber attack recovery

5 Steps to Rapidly Recover From a Cyber Attack

Here are five key actions you can take to improve your cyber security posture and reduce the scale and long-term ramifications of a data breach.
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